The Makeup ‘Dewifiers’

We’ve all been there, when your base just looks a little to ‘done’. A bit cakey, heavy and when a close-up mirror inspection is conducted visible pigment powders cling to your pores – it’s not a good look. Whether you’re road testing a new foundation, or just got exuberant with the powder – I usually find it’s when I’ve gone a tad too heavy handed with a fuller-coverage choice from my foundation wardrobe – there’s a big temptation to sack it in, reach for the bottle of Bioderma and start again from scratch. But after a chance spritz and save the other day from a bottle of glow-dosing water I discovered the perfect remedy to turn heavy into hydrated…

I’ve been sitting here stroking my not-so-imaginery beard trying to pigeonhole the following products into a category, but I’m struggling with this one. Mists? Setting sprays? Dewifiers? I think I’ll go with my last suggestion. But the chances are you’ve all got one – heck I discovered I had three once I’d done some digging around – but it’s no doubt getting a little dusty due to their slightly bamboozling brief. These ‘dewifiers’ can be used in a whole host of ways but I find their talents lend themselves best to whipping an overly-powdered complexion, into a skin-like sheeny one without grabbing the Bioderma. Elemental Herbology’s Flower Harmonising Mist leads the pack with its high quality ingredient credentials and was the product that spurred this post into progress, Shu Uemura’s Deepsea Water Rosemary Mist* is a little lacking on the formula front but exerts the best ‘am I in a rainforest?’ spray and MAC Fix+, a product more often looked upon as a setter actually works very well to moisten things up.

The technique is simple and the same goes for all three. Spray directly on for occasions where a slight helping spritz is needed to push you into dewy territory or apply directly onto a fluffy brush and buff over your base when things are dangerously leaning to the powdery side of proceedings. Cake face be gone. 

*PR Sample


  • Georgina de Pear

    I am the same! I carry a scented mist in my handbag – to refresh my face in general & to save slightly over-powdered face! X

  • Olivia S

    Haha I love this post! Great little tip 🙂

    Olivia –

  • Love this post! I think I need to pick up one of these, I always find my make-up can look too cakey if I go heavy-handed with the powder so hopefully this will help me out. 🙂

    Sophie | An Arrangement of Notes

  • beth.willcox

    haha ”am i in a rainforest” I do love the way you write things anna! 🙂 I do often struggle with cakey face days, by the time i realise it is to late so i have to spend my day looking way too overdone. I’m thinking a quick spritz of one of these would be a complete savior on my rushed mornings!

  • t
  • I always use thermal spring water.

  • LexysMakeupStudio

    i love your writing skills! inspiring post! hmm….thermal water doesn’t do it… i think i noticed a low-end product that promises just that on nyx website…gotta google it for reviews 😀

  • Lillian ParisianToBe

    Anna, you’re such a lovely creature between your photographs and your writing. Well done! You take the top of the cake as my favorite blogger, but you’re not good for my bank… Thanks for the post!

    xx Lillian

  • Angela

    This is so helpful as I hate that cakey makeup feeling! I usually use a mist from Simple to remedy this but the Elemental herbology one looks amazing x

  • I really want to try the Shu Uemura water mist!

  • Daisy Whitaker

    Would you class Caudalie Beauty Elixir in this group? I’m thinking of buying it but I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on it first!

    • Hi Daisy, just saw your post and figured I’d lend a hand with that. I have the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and I’d say it only lighting mists the faces to give it a boost rather than what Anna is talking about. Saying this, it’s worth the investment. I use a spritz after moisturising and it perks up my sallow skin a little before I apply my base. x

      Adrienne | Late Night Nonsense

  • Gillian

    This mini Fix + is just too cute. I love it for leaving a dewy glow.

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  • jadore beauty blog

    Love your posts! Clarins also makes a great one, smells of roses 🙂

  • alice bea ☮

    love this post, I’ve had my eye on the MAC one for ages! 🙂

  • Kiera

    I have never believed in products like that because I have always been scared that I am just paying for water but looking at the comments on this post I might have to go pick one up 🙂

  • Eleri Roberts

    I use Mac fix + before – and after application, it really freshens up your skin leaving it feeling extra clean and provides a good base 🙂

  • Justine Kay

    I spy some new YSL top coats! 🙂 Review ASAP!

  • Cara Wright

    I love mac fix+ it’s a staple product in my makeup bag, I especially love it after a long flight makes me feel so refreshed. I’ve just purchased the travel size for my next trip away 😀

  • rebekka

    I always make my setting spray myself. All you need is (rose)water, glycerin and vitamin D oil or your favorite face oil. It has the same effect and is 20 pounds cheaper.