The Makeup Declutter & My Top Tips

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I’ve said before that I wished that I’d read Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ before we moved flats last year. At the time I was still a bit of beauty hoarder and trekked the 70 miles down to the coast with a van full of boxes, three of which were labelled ‘MAKEUP/OLD MAKEUP/EVERYDAY MAKEUP’. And I ain’t talking tiny boxes here, I’m talking the really large ones. They were so heavy that I couldn’t even lift them up the stairs. I had enough nail polishes to wear a new one every three days for a whole year, liquid lipsticks up to my eyeballs and enough foundations to do the ‘100 Layers Of…‘ challenge without the need for repeating a formula. To say my collection was beefy, was a bit of an understatement.

Fast-forward a year and thanks to finally getting round to reading the aforementioned I’ve streamlined all categories of my material possessions down, from kitchen cupboards to makeup drawers and these days my beauty stash is much more manageable and practical. I used to have mini clear-outs all the time, but these days it’s more of a quarterly thing, so today I thought I’d take you along for the ride and share with some of my down-sizing tips too – a decluttering mash-up. Organising freaks unite!

It might not seem like the most exciting premise for a video, but I find these videos so relaxing to watch and have been known to spend wayyyy to long watching one person clear out their blush collection. YouTube is an odd place, eh? Ah well, hopefully you find this as relaxing as I did filming it. It’s one to sip a cuppa over.

Photos by Lauren Shipley