The Jewellery Edit: My Everyday Essentials

Come Magpie, come…

I never used be much of an everyday jewellery wearer. Sure I’d whip out a plastic bangle for a night out, or a costume-esque ring that cost me £2 from Primark, or my chunky necklace that Mark always used to say looked like I was wearing anal beads around my neck. But being a fan of all things minimal I just never really dabbled with accessories and still to this day only own two belts and a collection of bags that I can count on two hands (I’m not sure if that’s much of a feat, but we’ll go with it).

However in the past year or two I’ve collated an everyday jewellery uniform. Partly because receiving an engagement ring (THANKS MARK!) switched on my inner Magpie and made my other fingers feel a little bit bare and also because I realised that there was a whole new world of jewellery out there to explore that wasn’t made from plastic and didn’t look like a sex toy. I now have a a set of jewellery that I never take off – seven rings and a necklace – and have recently started an earring capsule wardrobe. WHO AM I? So today I thought I’d share the deats…


My favourite ring – no competition – is my engagement ring that Mark got made at a jewellers in Brighton, modelled off a vintage ring that I’d seen online for sale in New York. It’s a emerald cut diamond, set horizontally on a thin gold band. From the minute I saw the design I knew it was exactly the kind of ring that I’d love to wear on my finger forever and drilled it into Mark for years, (I know I’m a terrible person), but Mark did a cracking job of making it just the right size so that it sparkles, but isn’t a hefty/ridiculously expensive gem that weighs down my finger/I feel like a knob wearing. We got our wedding bands from the same place and I opted for gold again, in exactly the same thickness so that it nestles in underneath my sparkler nicely.

Coming in third is this Claire Kinder Studio Turquoise Pip Ring that I purchased from Shop Anomie, way back when it first opened. Not only do a I LOVE Chelsea (her Instagram Stories are my favourite), this ring is simple, diddy and having always had a soft spot for turquoise, this ring is right up my street. Also sitting at number three is the Catbird Baguette Diamond Ring (which unfortunately looks sold out now!), that I picked up during a visit to New York because it’s like the miniature version of my engagement ring and it just looked CUTE.

The other three rings that I wear are a hodgepodge of ones I picked up from Merjuri, who have the whole dainty ring at an affordable price thing DOWN. On my left index finger I wear the Beaded Ring over the top of the Diamond Solo Ring and then on my right index finer on top of my Catbird ring I wear the Twist Ring. Overall I feel like I’ve balanced out my finger party and none of them scratch or stick out where their everyday wear is a pain the balls.


Back in the day I loved a big chunky necklace. Like a real massive one with colours and mixed metals and hoops and loops and all the bells and whistles. Over the past couple of years I’ve experimented with wearing multiple delicate necklaces, but due to my stringy hair and it’s ability to tangle into every loop and clasp that comes within a 30 mile radius of it, these days I stick to just the one so there isn’t really much to see here.

The one is in question is my Mejuri Black Diamond Necklace. Of course being someone who likes black, this one appeals, but I’m also into the fact that it matches my ring. MATCHY MATCHY! One thing to think about is the drop length when it comes to investing in a necklace. This one has two fastenings, which means that the chain is 16 inches at its shortest and is how I wear it 99.95% of the time, but it also adjusts to 18 inches which is what I change it too when I’m wearing a v-neck top or something with a deeper neckline than usual.


If you would have told me this time last year that I’d develop deep and meaningful feelings towards hoop earrings I would have told you to get on your bike. I hadn’t worn hoops since my velour tracksuit days (I’d like to say Juicy Couture here, but I had only ever owned a mint green hoodie that was from the now-defunct retailer MK One) and I just never liked to draw attention to my pierced ears and instead stuck to the tiniest studs that I could find. Then for some reason when I got a beauty press gift that came with a pair of mini hoop earrings, I tried them on for size and realised that I really liked them. I tell you this story only to explain why I’m not 100% sure of the brand, however Catbird so a very similar design. The clip on the back does tend to ping off every now and again, so if anyone has any recommendations with a secured fastening then I’m all ears. LOL.

I actually just purchased a pair of Laura Lombardi Gold-Tone Hoop Earrings, enabled by Lizzy, which are  hollow and so won’t weigh your lobes down for such a chunky design. I’M IN LOVE. And with absolutely mahoosive hoop earrings. Who’d have thought it, eh? Green velour hoodie wearing Anna would be proud.

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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