My Favourite Skincare Brands & A Shopping List For Each

Dehydrated skin? I got ya.

I LOVE SKINCARE. But, I’m guessing you already know that from my bathroom cabinet tour, copious bathroom selfies on Instagram and the fact that I often find myself chewing off my mates ears about routines and products and scooping out samples into little pots for them to take home. Honestly if you ever come round, you’re not leaving here without a pot of my new favourite mask slipped in your handbag.

My shift from makeup to skincare boils down to two factors. One, as I’m getting older I’m realising the true importance of protecting it and treating it with T.L.C as my skin becomes drier and the effects of the environment and those three glasses of wine I chugged down last night, start to appear. Two, my love for ‘no makeup’ makeup lends itself to model-esque skin, which I obviously don’t have – but it’s that radiance and evenness that I’m forever trying to inch towards. So today I thought I’d break my routine down into my most-used brands and the standout products from each, because really my routine isn’t the most varied and actually there’s a handful of ranges that makeup up 95% of it. If you’re a dehydrated gal or guy, then here’s your skincare shopping list…


The products I use from Kiehl’s are the real workhorses of my routine. Most that I use are geared towards protecting in some kind of way, with a few thrown in to amp up glow too (which is a pattern you’ll see with practically every product mentioned in this blog post – prepare yourself for me attempting to find 34 different ways to say ‘GLOW’). Their line-up is results-driven and priced in a way that doesn’t make me squirm too much whenever I need to repurchase.

So what do I use everyday? Well post-cleanse I either use the Clearly Corrective Brightening & Soothing Treatment Water if I’m feeling lacklustre, or the Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence if I’m feeling dry (I tend to use the latter more). Then I whack on the Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate as a Vitamin C barrier during the day, after I’ve applied some kind of eye cream. Their Ultra Facial Cream SPF30 is a product I’ve been using for the past year and absolutely loving. It never feels like an SPF and always feel like a moisturiser whenever I apply it. This is my second tub. Some new additions that have wiggled their way into my routine that I now see them being forever a part of it for the long-run are the Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask – apply post-cleanse and remember that a little goes a long way – and the Glow Formula Skin Hydrator, which is AWESOME. It’s almost like an opalescent primer that makes my skin SHINE (in a good way).


I first went balls out on my first May Lindstrom splurge after I was lucky enough to have a facial with the one and only Caroline Hirons, and she slathered me in the heavenly product that was Blue Cocoon. I had never tried anything like it before (I still haven’t), and the balm-to-oil texture that smells like chocolate, still to this day leaves my skin feeling like silk and works to dim any redness or irritation that I might have. It also works wonders on sunburn and is one of my most ‘decanted-out’ products that I give to mates for that fact that it’s a fab multi-tasker to have in your routine. I’ve had this tub for around two years and it’s still going strong. The other product from May that I LOVE is the Youth Dew, which I feel like I have mentioned in basically every favourites video that I’ve put up since the beginning of the year. I’ve just repurchased my second bottle and although painfully expensive, I just couldn’t imagine being without it. I feel like it layers my skin with a protective barrier that leaves me looking juicy underneath. Like J.Lo wrapped in a  cashmere blanket.


I must confess that I haven’t given too much a go from this range as it’s not the easiest to source in the U.K (it used to be available in Boots, but is now stocked in Selfridges in-store and online), but everything that I do try, I’m into. Not pictured here, but probably one of my favourites from their line up is the Ceramidin Cream, which is fab moisturiser for ALL. I must get round to picking myself up another tube. If you’re a sensitive soul who suffers with redness then it might be worth trying out their Cicapair Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum; which I turn to whenever my complexion isn’t behaving, as this works as a great calming measure. For the final touch, the Premium Beauty Balm is a great skin finisher that provides a high dose of SPF, with an evening-out tint. It’s a handy product to have in your bathroom cabinet to slap on when you don’t much fancy throwing on any makeup over the top.


Some skincare products from Glossier I adore and end up repurchasing to the point where I’ve got about five back-ups in my skincare overflow drawers, others are so-so. For the true breakdown of that, check out my brand overview video. If I had to pick between their skincare and makeup selections, I’d probably be pushed to say makeup, although there’s actually a fair amount of their skincare that I use everyday. Their Milky Jelly Cleanser, is the cleanser that I’ve used pretty solidly for the past two years and their Priming Moisturiser Rich is my evening moisturiser or one that I apply in the mornings too if I’m feeling really dry. The Bounce Super Serum is a fab Hyaluronic Acid filled formula that’s sized perfectly for travel and I tend to throw the Pure Super Serum on any spots that crop up – just dabbing this one on where I need it, as not too dry out areas that don’t need it’s attention.

I do enjoy the masks too. In fact as a mask lover I don’t have too many in my collection, but instead hold down a tight edit that I feel work for my needs – decongestion, radiance-boosting and hydration. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is super clarifying, although I do find this leaves me a little red so just use it in the evenings and come the morning I feel as soft as a baby’s backside. Then I like to follow up with the  Moisturising Moon Mask, fresh out of the fridge. If I’m feeling really tired then sometimes I take a large dollop of it under my eyes to cool things down and wear as a sort of quickie mask. Get 10% off anything you buy off their site with this link.


Clarins as a brand always sneak up on me, as they actually produce some of the products that have stood in my routine the longest. I’ve used the Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Lotion for about seven years. It’s still my favourite facial tanner that I use and I’ve ploughed my way through about a bottle a year I reckon. Another long-standing favourite is the Instant Eye Makeup Remover. I’m always asked how I remove waterproof mascara and let me tell you – there ain’t nothing that removes it quite like this. NOTHING! I soak a pad with it, lay it over my eyelid for 30 seconds, do some subtle jiggling around and then waterproof mascara just slides away.

Two new items that I’ve added to my routine come in the form of the Hydra-Essentiel range. The Moisturising Reviving Eye Mask is supposed to be used as a 10 minute pick-me-up under your eyes; however I tend to slather it on as an eye cream everyday. I just use a small amount and gently pat it in with my ring finger. I’m a floozy with lip balms and have tried them ALL, but the Moisturiser Replenishing Lip Balm is actual heaven. I keep it in my bathroom cabinet and apply it every evening before bed and it’s still hanging around come in the morning. Now that’s what I call hydration.

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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