The High-End Makeup Starter Kit


Ages and ages and ages ago I put together a ‘Drugstore Starter Kit’ video. You guys seemed to like it, it was fun to film and I liked the concept, so I thought today I’d chat about its high-end counterpart. Now I know it’s not the same feeling as a beginner’s edit that’s a bit of a bargain, nor do I suggest picking all these items up at the same time unless you’ve won the lottery (whoop – go you!) as it’s taken me yonks to gather all these bits; I thought it might be helpful to see what I’d select as my crème de la crème of luxe beauty. Plus as we go through I point out the bits where drugstore items pip ’em to the post and the products that creep into the ‘need’ category. It’s probably best to hide your purses now…


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