The Greasy Girls Guide to Hair Oils

The hair oil market used to be a battlefield for us greasy locked gals to navigate, filled with thick and heavy formulas that created a slickness that threw our every two days hair wash schedule all out of sorts. Luckily, that’s not the case these days and there are now a bevy of serum-style products out there that cater to everyone. We no longer need to be worried of testing out a formula in fear of our lengths descending into a stringy style that’s impossible to reverse till shampoo time rolls round again. Have no fear ladies, for here is my small, but perfectly formed greasy haired gals guide to hair oils…

I’ll kick things off with a recent rather fabulous discovery – Ojon’s Rare Blend Oil Lightweight Texture. You must know the original version of this oil that settles into a ‘sunset’ in the bottle? Looked awesome, but it was always too intense for my locks, so this new parred-back version is right up my street. It still forms three distinct layers that need to be shaken prior to use which is so cool, but it does the job adding shine, while skipping the grease. A few drops onto freshly washed damp hair – done. For a budget friendly option there’s always the VO5 Nourish My Shine Miracle Concentrate (+5 reader points if you remember the first time I spoke about this), which smells delicious and performs in practically the same way. Just be a little less heavy handed with this.

Of course there’s always the option to skip oils completely, yet still add a dose of nourishment to things with an alternative product. To fit that bill I love the Unite 7 Second Conditioner Leave-In Detangler, and I really do mean love. It’s directed to be applied post-wash on wet hair to aid brushing, add moisture and protect from heat styling. I know – add a spritz of thickening spray at the roots and it really doesn’t get better than that. Not only does it smell god damn edible, it leaves my locks feeling soft, but never weighed down or piece-y – just touchable and cared for. The fact that it means I don’t almost end up in tears each time I brush my hair is just a bonus.

P.S) Pouring Olive Oil onto my desk to jazz up a photo opportunity really wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had. Don’t do it kids. #Messy


  • I have the Ojion hair oil but i’m not too keen on it to be honest, I much prefer my Charles Worthington overnight hair treatment to give my locks some much needed moisture oomph! But I would like to give the Unite 7 Second Conditioner Leave-In Detangler a go!
    Hayley xo |

  • Lyndsey

    I wondered if that was olive oil!

  • I love to try the Vo5 hair oil 🙂

    Berrie-Blogs |Beauty Blog

  • Lauren S

    I need a lightweight oil and these products sound a brilliant try ! and i hope that oil wasn’t hard to clean, lucky it was olive oil not the product !

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –
    Support my Photography Project here !

  • Amanda

    I tried that vo5 one when you first recommended it and have loved it ever since!

    AMANDALOVES.COM | UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

  • I love that you DID pour olive oil onto your table. Oh, the dedication to your craft!! 🙂

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

  • Chelsea Leigh

    Oooh I’ll have to try some of these!

  • Stéphanie GB

    Oh yeah, it is kinda scary to put oil in our greasy hair! I love the fact that you are now back to posting actual posts, as opposed to posting your videos 🙂 I stil like your vids but when I want to watch them I got to YT.

  • Helen Kim

    Completely unrelated to this article, but only here to make you laugh: The annual Diptyque sample sale in NYC is crazy! 2 hours in line in the freezing cold just to grab that Figuier candle at $35! Time to defrost while burning my candle…

  • I love the VO5 oil, it works so well for me! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

    P.S. I don’t want this to be spammy but I am also hosting a £50 Giveaway at the moment if you wanted to enter here

  • Thanks for the recommendations. I have fine hair that’s greasy at the roots but dry at the ends. I will definitely be trying out the V05 concentrate.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  • Rachael

    Despite the messy olive oil on your table that you were left with, the photo looks great!

    Rachael | Rachael Lucy

  • larasophia

    I love hair oils! i have super dry hair so my hair loves them. Hair oils make your hair smell so good. You should give the Nuxe dry oil a try, it’s amazing.

  • Haha, what we do for a good photo! Hope it cleaned up ok 😉 Loving the sound of that Ojon option 🙂

  • Will definitely try out the new Ojon oil! I love the Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil as well. Super lightweight for my greasy-prone hair.

  • M

    Thanks for the recommendations! My hair gets oily every single day. To be honest, I’m a grease ball after eight hours. Alas. I have to check out the Ojon oil!

    P.S. If you ever want to douse your desk in olive oil again (or any oil), give it a coating of hairspray first so the grease doesn’t actually stick to the desk. Much easier to clean up. (Source: I sometimes work on film sets for a friend’s production company… for free. I’m an awesome friend.)

  • The ojon one sounds interesting, but I would go for the sunset option, because the light moroccanoil was too light for me.

  • debasree banerjee

    LOVE the tittle.. 😀 You always know how to put a smile on your readers Viviana. 🙂

  • Simran Bhamra

    Loooooove Ojon products

  • Anna, have you ever tried essential oils like avocado oil and emu oil? I use them on my hair face and body and it’s been pretty amazing.

  • Mari x

    I have moroccan oil, obviously, and am not that impressed and I love the Ojon oil I have! x

  • Personally, I prefer to skip the oils altogether – they are just too heavy for me.

    I do love leave in conditioners though. Unite 7 Second Conditioner is next on my list to try and I did hear it’s very similar to It’s A 10 Miracle leave in product (which I am currently loving)


  • Embellished

    Really want to try the Ojon product you mentioned.

  • Anna

    Great Advice thank you x

  • Haha, I was thinking you had poured the actual hair oils and I was like D: