The Gelly Nail

High-shine, glass-like nails seem to be the nail nod right now. With gel textured top coats hitting shelves and Shellac on the up, the shinier the better is the mantra. Repeating this saying in my head while perusing Boots, I stumbled across the Barry M stand that was crammed with their new-ish nail release – Gelly Nail Effects. Eyes lit up, I bundled two in the basket and have been admiring my nails so reflective I can almost see my face in them, since. Here’s a bit of backstory; every gal who I’ve quizzed on their lacquer choice recently has credited the Barry M Gelly Polishes and sung their praises; Lily has been rocking Blueberry, Corrie Green Berry and Laura Lychee. So here’s my report.

Barry M being Barry M, the colour selection is rather playful, so I plumped for the most muted down being the nuded Lychee and the summertime red which has a touch of CHANEL Holiday about it, Satsuma. Lychee was first up and although application wasn’t the smoothest – probably down to my impatience at lobbing the layers on before the previous one wasn’t dry – it built up and well and true to the blurb did not require a top coat. A seche-vite style shine without the need to get air flowing through the flat. So far so good, and I’ll keep you noted on wear-time. It’s been a long while since I had dalliance with Barry M polishes, but back in the day they were my fave, I think it’s time to re-indulge, a repurchase of the ol’ love, Mushroom perhaps?

The receipt is long gone (I don’t like to be reminded of my dwindling bank account for too long), but I seem to remember they were on a bargainalicious offer of two for a fiver in Boots, making it one of the most purse-friendly ‘Budget Buy‘ picks to date. Pop one (or two) in your basket for a high-shine fuss-free finish with your Meal Deal. I may have to nip back in there sooner rather than later…


  • I desperately want to try these, but alas…they aren’t sold here in the US. Love the look of them though! Great post, can’t wait to see how they wear for you.


  • Amy

    Loving the look of Lychee and Satsuma, might have to sacrifice some Boots points for them. I was initially tempted with the new textured polishes, but I’m not completely sold yet. Great bargain buys, though!

  • Thebeautymist

    I absolutely love the Lychee colour, the perfect nude!! And I need to pick your that orangey colour:) x

  • I have been umming and ahhing about these because I really dislike the brush in Barry M bottles, but the formula looks amazing. First world problem right there!

    Lottie x

  • These nail polishes seems lovely! I wish we had Barry M in Sweden but I guess I can find someplace where I can order the online 🙂

  • Annie ikr

    This looks pretty awesome.. I’m pretty sure we don’t have Barry M in Holland though, and I have really never tried it before either. Might go hunt some down on the internet now! 🙂 Great post as always Vivianna! 

    x Annie  ♥

  • Beca Alderson

    I keep telling myself to try these but then I think better not, I already have waaaaaay to many nail varnishes, haha xx

  • Love the nude shade, reminds me of Essie Sand Tropez. I haven’t tried the gelly range yet, need to pick a few up next time I’m buying my meal deal ;) 


  • Emma_Cosmetic_Charm

    Lychee looks nicer than I thought it would, although I’m not sure it would look nice on me. I painted my nails with the Blue Plum shade on Monday and it was Wednesday before I noticed chipping, I don’t know how long polish normally lasts on you but that is actually pretty good for my nails! x

  • Josie

    I have the coral version of this polish and I hate it! It’s gloopy, it goes on all patchy and needs three coats, and then it doesn’t dry forever and ever. Maybe I have a bad one, everyone else seems to love them. Not for me though.

  • WY

    Oh love the taupe-y color, is it very similar to Essie’s Topless and Barefoot? xx

  • I really want to try these! They are on my wish list.

    Rachel x
    Lost In Lipstick

  • Beth Louise

    I tried one of these for the first time a few weeks ago, and cant stop using them now! havent seen a nail varnish as shiny before! Great products 🙂


  • Maddy Cane

    I really want to try these, everyone is raving about them at the moment! xxx

  • Holly Allison

    I have 5 of these nail paints now, including satsuma and they are gorgeous colours. I really like Lychee on you! Its a gorgeous nude. Holly xo

  • Jas

    I love the finish that these nail paints give! x

  • Kelly Taylor

    I’ve always been too afraid to try these because my nails grow SO fast. So it wouldn’t matter if they last long because they would be grown out in 2 days. But these look so easy and manageable. 

  • Charlotte Hoedemakers

    Lychee looks a little bit like Essie Sand Tropez! These seem sooooo nice, I love a glossy nail and it’s nice not to have to use a top coat for once to get that effect.


  • Gemma

    These are fab little polishes, I have Grapefruit on and I’m really impressed by the lasting power – I’m on day 7 (with a little help from Seche Vite) and have minimal tip wear and no chips. I’m ready for a change now purelt because I want a different colour.

  • alicekatex

    ooooh I love that nude! I have the one in watermelon but I’m not too keen on the colour. Will be picking up Lychee!!!! 

  • Ellie Price

    I’ve been obsessed with these… I bought two and then two more today. I love the colours – my favourite is greenberry x

  • Annabel Sketchley

    j’adore le gelly nail, haha they are beauts!

  • Beautyandtheb

    also my nail polish of choice at the moment, soooo good yet so affordable! 

    B xxx

  • Emily

    These seem to be everywhere in the blog world these days.  I love the idea of a bargain and being able to skip a top coat and lots of layer.  I wonder if we can find these in Canada?


  • AlittlebitUnique

    Your nails are always perfect, really want to try the gelly shine nail!

    A little bit Uniquex

  • mirjam

    lychee couldn’t apply streakier even if it really wanted to. gorgeous colour, but such a pain in the arse to apply 🙁

  • I keep meaning to get these.. I love the orange and they look so good after just one coat!

  • Anna Garcia

    I absolutely love Barry M nail polishes and this did not disappoint! Lychee is on my to-get list, loved Pomegranate 🙂 I have a blog post on it if you guys want to check it out and if you do, thank you x

  • sooo jealous again!!! We dont have Barry M in Greece :-/
    I really want to try these. I love both colors!!!

  • Pippa Jones

    Love the lychee colour. I have blueberry and Love the consistancy and they way they look on my nails, Its something I am going t defiantly get some more in.

    Pipp xx

  • Heather Rigby

    Lychee is the perfect nude for your skin tone! Nice find! I’ll just have to find a way to get them all the way to the States. Lol. Love your blog and videos!! <3

  • jessica

    Lychee looks a stunning on your nails!:) could you do a video on what products you are using in your hair cos it looks amazzzinnngg! x

  • Crystal Ike

    Your nails are absolutely perfect, love that color on you!

    xoxo,CrystalCrystal’s Beauty Corner

  • Just did my own review on these I love them! I really wanted the lychee, I don’t know why i didn’t get it!

  • camille

    Love these so much! I love that nude colour on you- it really suits you!

  • Jas

    These are on my wishlist! xx

  • Abbienail

    Lychee looks lovely on you! I was tempted to get it but it looks too similar to essie sand tropez? If you don’t have it already I imagine you’d like it 🙂

  • Sophie

    I did a review on my blog of the pastel blue (Blueberry) Barry M Gelly nail polish see it here: 

  • Rachel Haynes

    Not too sure on this, I have the Satsuma colour and it looks a little grubby!?… Superdrug had the better offer on 2 for £6 and better colour selection whereas Boots worked out to 2 for £7. I might try another colour and see how it goes, your nails always look perfect! x

  • gleepface

    I love these, although they do chip on me. The quick dry time makes up for this in a way, since reapplying is less of a chore!

  • Cathryn

    I really wasn’t a fan of these! They chip and go lumpy on my nails 🙁 dissapointed.

  • Hannah

    I really love these gelly colours but for me they are just far too shiny. However I did find a way of not letting this shine stop me from buying the great colours they come in. I put essie ‘matte about you’ matte top coat on to tone it down, it works a treat. If you don’t want to spend £8.99 on a top coat you can always hold your wet nails over a boiling pan for a few seconds so it catches the steam. Works a treat. However, the essie matte top coat does take away the burning risk, that must be a positive right?!?