Jo Malone: Sugar & Spice

If you couldn’t already tell from the whole cookie monster fiasco and sugar-laden Instagram, I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I’m the girl who’ll ask to see the dessert menu after dinner to satisfy my second stomach wholly reserved for naughty treats. So it’s fair to say the new limited edition Jo Malone Sugar & Spice collection (and the pudding and cake filled launch event – guilty) were right up my street. Inspired by good ol’ British delectable desserts, they’re taking gourmand fragrances up a notch. Sweet, spicy but subtle and sophisticated enough for even the most pro-perfume wearer; housed in five pastel primped bottles there’s a match for every sweet tooth out there…

There’s five to decide from, ranging from the downright zesty to the almost edible so let’s have a taste, I mean sniff. Ginger Biscuit, a more festive fragrance to my nose, spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon and settling into caramel vanilla engulfs you in that ‘fresh from the oven’ scent and is the most true to its title out of the bunch. One that caught me on first spritz was the refreshingly sweet and sour, Lemon Tart, the choice for summer citrus lovers. The sweetest of the quinate was Redcurrant and Cream. Candied and fruity in equal sugary doses mixing vanilla musk with notes of strawberries and raspberries – I predict this one will not be hanging around on the shelves for long. But Bitter Orange and Chocolate was my favourite;  a bite of fruit combined with milky coconut and a hit of cocoa powder. It was the darkest and almost sexiest of them all, plus the pudding to match it was ah-mazing. If greener offerings are more your thing then Elderflower and Gooseberry occupies that category, rounding off the five nicely with a dash of lychee added to the mix to sweeten up this otherwise fresh scent.

If you’re in the mood to spritz on something sweet then snap it up, as they’re a ‘once it’s gone, it’s gone’ jobbie; available at all your usual Jo Malone haunts and online now, for £38. Time to match your favourite after dinner delicacy up with your scent? Even if just for the ridiculously cute bottles? You’ll be smelling sweet…


  • Claire

    oh my goodness i tried a sample of this back in january when they are promoting it, and i completely fell in love with the elderflower and gooseberry one! but i’ve given up shopping for lent so i dont know what to dooooo :S what do i do anna?!

  • Abbey Rosete

    I’ve been wanting to try Jo Malone but does the smell last compared to perfume?


  • KittyMakesUp

    Oh my Elderflower and Gooseberry sounds loveerley! x

  • Beautyandtheb

    Going to have to try these as they sound lovely and I love Jo Malone scents, Pomegranate Noir is my all time favourite! :) 

    B xxx


    i long for jo malone to come to my town in sweden! everyone raves about it and i’m so curious!

  • Ada


  • Gillian

    Redcurrent and Cream sounds like it would be my favourite with Lemon Tart coming close behind.

    Gillian from  x

  • Maddy Cane

    These look lovely and they are such nice scents as well! xx

  • Hollie Galvin

    Redcurrant and cream sounds edible! any vanillary musk wins me over. But those deserts have caught my eye even more…

  • I love how you write, it makes your blog such a delight to read :) 
    I am definitely going to be hitting a Jo Malone stand to have a sniff of these bad boys! x

  • Annie ikr

    Woooow (!!!) this sounds more than interesting! I haven’t herd of anything like this before now! I am definitely gonna go hunt them down and give them a sniff! Thanks for sharing!

    x Annie /

  • god you make me wanna go buy these, they sound divine


    Great post! i adore jo malone!


  • The elderflower and ginger scents sound amazing! I would strip the shelves of Jo Malone bare if I had the cash (oo it got a big risqué there for a second).

  • Ellie Wayer

    is this available in the US as well? 

  • Ameenah A.

    OMG Anna you make me want everything!! *likes* I NEED to go shopping! Ha! xxx

  • oh my god, need to give these a smell asap x

  • AlittlebitUnique

    This is such a cute collection 

    A little bit Uniquex

  • Kelly Taylor

    Oh my goodness these sound so yummy. Haha.

  • Fernanda

    This looks absolutly lovely, might be my first Jo Malone purchase! xx

  • Tatiana

    I smelled all of these this past weekend while at Nordstrom and I found them all to be vile. The only one that was mildly pleasing was the Elderflower & Gooseberry one. I didn’t even want to sample any of their permanent line after testing those 5…

  • ooh this sound exciting! although I find myself using these kind of scents more like ‘body sprays’ or an everyday perfume having said that I may need to go and have a sniff before I judge 😉


  • I smelt these in store & have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I thought they would smell a little too sweet & young. But I really liked them. The Redcurrant and Cream is my fave

  • Kmcrhule

    My mum absolutely loves Jo Malone products and so I am definitely getting her this for her birthday :)