The Gamechangers

I’ve already rambled on this week about my ‘ol mate Lauren and our deep conversations about long-lasting lipstick (post here for reference). But the whole reason we were on our burger-filled lady date was because we’d been left by the wayside after vamping up our other bessie for a date night of her own. Swit-swoo. The three of us clubbed together, scrambling around, pulling out the creme de la creme of our makeup bags and making our mate looking pretty darn sexy if I say so myself. But there were two (well three, but I’ll get onto that later) products that really stood out to these folk with normal makeup obsession levels – lets call these ‘The Gamechangers’ – and if my mates haven’t purchased these by the end of the week then I’ll eat a banana (bananas – yack)…

The first product I have spoken about many a time (full review here), but contouring was a hot topic of the evening, with both my mates lining up to be dusted with the cheekbone chiselling Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder in Medium. I’ve now found the perfect partner for it in the MAC 187 duo-fibre brush and the ladies were happy with their enhanced cheekbones. I gave an impromptu lesson and they both sat and duly took mental notes. Then we moved onto eyes, where my friend requested a fine amount of liner be applied to her upper lashes to blend in her natural falsies. I took on the brief, rooted around and found the Clarins 3-Dot Liner*, which has sat a little unloved in my stash since it arrived. It’s a liquid liner, with a forked end that can be repeatedly dotted onto the lashline to build up natural-looking definition – no harsh line to be seen, just lots of little dots, sounds weird but it works. Although applying it can be tricky (especially on others), there were a chorus of ‘ooooohs and ahhhhs’ with the finished effect. I have a feeling this may have been limited edition, but Bourjois have since released an ‘Intuitive Liner’ which works in exactly the same 3-pronged way. The other product is one that I don’t own but recommended to my mate after she suffered a reaction to eyelash glue. I suggested the Latex-Free Duo Lash Adhesive and she’s reported back that it works a treat. Perhaps one for falsie loving ladies with sensitive peepers?

Now unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of what a babe my mate looked by the end of her makeshift makeover, but we stood and waved her off like proud parents. And when we all departed the names of the Kevyn Aucoin contour and Clarins liner were excitably taken down in their iPhones – they were well and truly ‘gamechanged’.

*PR Sample


  • Rebecca Penfold

    The Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder is something I will never be without. Because I am so, so pale most contours tend to look very orange on me but this has the perfect amount of a grey tone without being too dulling.

    Another wonderful post! x


    Great post! I need to get my hands on a 3 point liner!

  • Beth Bradley

    i want to get my hands on the Sculpting Powder!

    Beth @

  • thebeautyheroes

    this sculpting powder sounds absolutely beautiful ! xx

  • Luxe.

    I really want to try the sculpting powder!x

  • Emilie Garnes

    After hearing your excitement over the sculpting powder I believe that I need to go and get it once pay-day arrives!
    Em xx

  • Eleanor

    The three dot liners sound really strange, but I’m so intrigued, I must try one!!
    Eleanor x

  • Jaclyn Sinclair

    haha glad to hear i’m not the only one who hates bananas! great post!