The Five Minute Post-Workout Hair Trick

Here’s the thing. I sweat loads whenever I attempt to work out. It’s so bad that Mark shoves pints of water in my face for the next six hours with a worried look on his face while saying ‘you lost a lot of water there babes’ – translation: ‘I have never in my life seen a person perspire till the point that it looked like they had just taken a shower till I met you’. Now this is probably not the right time then to mention that though while I do hop in the shower every time post-workout, I don’t necessarily wash my hair *pauses to hear a chorus of ‘eeeewww’s*. It’s just a time issue. A shower I can be in, out and shaken it all about in five minutes flat. Hair? Well, it’s not that easy. I try to fit a rinse in but when I can’t, I whip out this time-zapping, if slightly grotesque trick…

It involves a hairdryer and a can of dry shampoo – need I say anymore? Let you locks down and dry them off, finishing with a few spritzesΒ of dry shampoo to freshen and scent. Post ‘blow dry’ things will look pretty lank and not exactly smell as fresh as daises, but the combo of the two really does work some trickery. Dry shampoo-wise I’m really in to Colab’s Dry Shampoo in Tokyo. No white residue, no chalky texture and it smells incredible. No one would ever know that five minutes ago you were grunting through your core workout while learning new expletives.

Obviously it’s not one to whip out everyday, but in a pinch itΒ turns sweat-slicked hair into something that smells, looks and kinda feels a bit better. Time to uncurl your toes now…Β