Dior Star Foundation Really is a Star


In the wonderful world of foundation when something is described as dewy, it’s almost always a code word for ‘sheer coverage’. To find the perfect mix of the two – a base that performs cover-up duties where required, while looking luminous in finish – is pretty hard to find. I’ve riffled through my stocks and though I can find a few that fit the bill, nothing does decent coverage with whack of sheen quite like Dior’s newest release, Diorskin Star Foundation.

As the name would suggest, Star Foundation really is a star; giving buildable coverage that blends in until the formula is undetectable on the epidermis, leaving a slight sheen to the planes of your face, though not greasy that you need to set it nor the longevity is affected. It’s pretty game-changing in the foundation world and even after just a few weeks of use, I know I’ll always have a bottle of this hanging around. It’s like the winter alternative for tinted moisturiser lovers. Giving enough base to even out winter dullness or windslapped ruddy cheeks, but with a lightness in the texture that doesn’t feel like you’re trowelling on a full-on formula. Formula dissected, how do the other aspects fare?

Well, the bottle is luxe. It’s one of those ‘you get what you pay for‘ jobs. It’s glass, hefty and not something you’d want to lug around for travel – but I can get over that. I must point out that the formula is slightly fragranced, though it’s nothing that hangs around on your face for long. I’m usually a sensitive soul when it comes to these kind of things but I haven’t had any problems to note, just pointing it out for other gals whose complexions have the tendency to act up. Colour-wise there’s a good range. Really vast actually. I went for 020, but I’m fooling myself in my post-holiday haze as I’m most definitely going to be 010 in like… well – yesterday. In terms of application I declined to purchase the corresponding sponge that’s designed to be used with it and instead stick to fingers or a buffing brush like the Louise Young Super Foundation Brush LY34.

If I had to sum it up? I’d tagline it as ‘healthy skin in a bottle without having to chug down on green juice every morning’. Sounds good to me…