The Fitness Files: September


Say hello to this month’s instalment of The Fitness Files; an update of all things sweaty that drops on the first of every month. You ready for round nine? Let’s do this…

THE SONG TO ADD TO YOUR PLAYLIST – Haddaway – What is Love. Do I even need to say anymore? I like to wail out the ‘Woooahhhoooooaaaahhhhhhoooo-oooo‘ bits with the female vocalist.

THE WORKOUT VIDEO TO GIVE A GO – something a little different from the usual YouTube offerings because this month I tried online Barrecore classes and jeeeezzz are they intense? In a good way. It works out as pretty good value and most of the videos can be done with no to little equipment. It’s a form of exercise that really makes you think about your posture and concentrates on small movements that make a big difference. You watch the instructor do a move and think ‘PAH – easy‘, give it a go yourself and start puffing about five seconds in. It hasn’t surpassed Yoga as my all-time favourite way to work up a sweat, but it’s a nice way of mixing things up.

THE RECIPE THAT’S WORTH A WHIRL – I found a recipe for these Vegan Cacao, Date & Coconut Balls on Healthy Chef Steph’s Instagram, whipped ’em up because I already had all the ingredients and have been gobbling them down ever since whenever I need a sweet fix. They’re a little more bitter than others I’ve made because of the practically non-existant sugar content, but whenever you get a bite of a date it tastes so darn good.

THE FITNESS CLOTHING PIECE TO ADD TO YOUR WARDROBE – I must say that I’ve been eying up these Nike Legendary Engineered Marble Training Capris all month, but I think I’m going to save purchasing them till the end of a September as an incentive to get my butt into gear this month. I tend to forget about Nike but they still do some of the best sportswear out there; fashion-lead but more importantly extremely comfortable.

THE ROUTINE THAT I’LL BE DOING FOR SEPTEMBER – towards the end of August I started to pick things up fitness-wise. My mate Mel dragged me to a Muay Thai class and now we’re planning on roping our other mates in to do it twice a week with us. It’s quite therapeutic acting like a badass for an hour. I’ve also downloaded the Cody app and purchased the BodyStrong plan by Ashley Galvin who I LOVE on Instagram (check her out here). It’s a month-long plan – you know I love those – that incorporates exercises to improve strength with a bit of yoga practice thrown in. Let’s see how this goes…