The Best Fig Fragrance. EVER…


I’ve been dousing the new place in this scent for at least the last month, so I can’t believe that its taken me this long to shine the spotlight on this fab little range. When it comes to fig fragrances I feel like I’ve practically tried them all, but there’s something special about The White Company’s Fresh Fig line-up. There’s all sorts in the range and I’ve treated myself to the Candle (now used up), the Scent Diffuser and the Room Spray (which lives in my bathroom for obvious purposes). Whenever someone comes over I light up the Candle, give the reeds a 180 turn, fire up the Room Spray and perhaps it’s because people can barely see through this fragrance fug that I’ve created, but I always get compliments on it and trust me the place smelt like a fusty old sock when we moved in – so it must be doing something.

Whereas other fig scents can be a bit green which is nice on the skin, but sometimes a little strange in the home; this is like a creamy, gentle fig. A bit coconut-y and holiday-like. Like a fig that you’d want to snuggle up in bed with. Right. Yep, things have just got too weird. That’s why I never describe scents, but just trust me on this one. It. Smells. GOOD.