The Fitness Files: January


I’m welcoming in the New Year with a new type of post for this little corner of the Internet – The Fitness Files. Say hello to my new category of post that will drop on VDM on the 1st of every month. Instead of a pinch and a punch it’s going to be a collation of workout-related snippets that I’m proposing to give a go during the next four weeks from YouTube videos that have got me all sweaty, new gear that’s been added to my wardrobe and recipes that taste so good you’ll eat the whole batch. Round one? Here we go…

THE SONG TO ADD TO YOUR PLAYLISTDJ Fresh – Gold Dust. I purposely have this as the first song on my running playlist because it’s impossible to feel ‘meh’ when listening to this. Two and a half minutes of pure ‘I CAN DO THIS’ beats.

THE WORKOUT VIDEO TO GIVE A GOFitness Blender’s 5 Day Challenge. If your NY resolution is to ‘Do more exercise/eat less chocolate/any other cliched resolution’, then this is a good place to start. It takes up less than an hour each day, including warm-up and cool down and the way it’s set-up means that you’re never working body parts that are sore from the previous day. A great way to start the year.

THE RECIPE THAT’S WORTH A WHIRL – Cranberries and Pistachios. Now this is not a recipe, per se, but over the past month I’ve realised that my weakness is in snacking and having a jar of these handy means I can happily munch away on the tube at a moments notice and without having to purchase a bloomin’ Pret for a fiver each time. It takes a bit of preparation and foresight but give this combination a go because it tastes so good.

THE FITNESS CLOTHING PIECE TO ADD TO YOUR WARDROBENike Pro Classic Nordic Women’s Sports Bra in Ivory/Volt. This one goes out to all my fellow ‘boobs that look like fried eggs’ gals out there because even though there’s not much there, you still need some support and when it comes to something that’s firm but in a non-constricting way that won’t cause you injury each time you remove it, these bras from Nike are my favourite. And in this funky pattern it gives a glimpse of colour to my usual all-black outfits.

THE ROUTINE THAT I’LL BE DOING FOR JANUAY – running, running and more running. Now being in week four of my training plan for a Half Marathon there’s a lot of pavement pounding involved, but I like to add some classes into the mix to ensure I don’t get bored. So I’ve booked in for a few spinning sessions at BOOMCycle, along with a weekly session of Reformer Pilates and Yoga (oh gawd I’m so awful, but I want to touch my toes by the end of the year – that’s my resolution).