As Mark and I prepare ourselves for a four mile race tonight round Central Park to see in the new year – don’t ask, it seemed like a great idea at the time – I thought now would be a good time to catch you up on some changes that are going to be happening around these parts come tomorrow. Don’t panic, nothing too drastic, just a few tweaks here and there to hopefully make the VDM experience a high quality and more varied one. Oh deep

Goodbye The Beauty Bag, hello The Fitness Files. I’ve firstly got to say a big thank you to the twelve girls and guys that allowed me to have a riffle round their makeup stash over the past year. A great laughs were had and an hour-long scheduled meeting more often than not turned into three (I think Lex from Cult Beauty holds the record for that one). Well this year I’m giving something else ago and I’m naming it – The Fitness Files (can you tell I just love alliteration?). A round-up of all things sweaty that will go live on the first of every month; from my newest piece of workout gear to the latest song on my running playlist. Which leads to me to…

Vivianna Does a Bit of Everything. This past year has seen me hold up a training regime that actually lasts longer than two days *pats self on back* and begin to enjoy fitness, so it only seems right that part of that passion filters onto the blog amongst the nail polish edits and lipstick swatches, so expect that to continue. But this year will hopefully be the year that Mark and I get to turn a house into a home so expect the odd post of interior ramblings to be sprinkled amongst the beauty bumf too, along with recipes, reads and other lifestyle-y bits too.

Quality, Not Quantity. Hopefully. From tomorrow I’ll be dishing out two videos a week on my YouTube channel. As always they’ll be the usual beauty offering at 9am on Sunday and then it’s Wednesday 9am that you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for new video that will be sometimes beauty/sometimes The Weekly Vlog/sometimes from my kitchen. So they’ll be a little less video-wise, but this will allow me to feed a bit more time into each one and hopefully make them bigger, better and something else beginning with a ‘b’.

Right, now I’m off to slip on my compression tights which definitely go down in history as the least sexiest item I’ve ever worn on NYE. Have a good one!


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