The Fitness Files: February


Ready for the monthly drop of all things sweaty? Say hello to February’s instalment. It’s been a good month so today I’m sharing what’s top of my kit shopping list, the healthy chocolate brownies that actually taste like brownies and what my routine is shaping up like for this month…

THE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT TO FOLLOW – I’ve been on a bit of a follow-spree in the past month when it comes to fitness and foodie Instagrammers, but my favourite new find is Hazel, The Food Medic. She shares everything from her favourite healthy food finds, recipes, workout videos – the lot. I’d highly recommend a browse of her blog too which has one of the best Protein Pancake Recipes I’ve found, which don’t disintegrate into scrambled eggs in the pan.

THE RECIPE THAT’S WORTH A WHIRL Protein Pow Brownie Bars. I like to get a bit of protein in post-workout and these fit that bill, whilst tasting like an actual chocolate brownie. Ain’t no inedible imitations here. I sub the Agave Syrup for Maple Syrup and use The Super Elixir Nourishing Protein which gives it a nice chocolately flavour.

THE CURRENT KIT CRUSH – basically anything and everything from Nike. Though there are other brands I love too, I just feel like Nike brings it when it comes to the right balance of looking good, but performing well too. I’m genuinely trying to plan a day of meetings in London around a trip to the flagship store. Top of my shopping list though? The Palm Epic Lux Women’s Running Tights. In the monochrome print of course.

THE SUPER-MOVE THAT’S WHIPPING MY BUTT – Squats. Quite literally. I’m still mastering the technique behind the barbell squat as I tend to lean forward and make life a bit more difficult for myself, but I’ve only got stuck down in the squat position without the ability to get back up twice. LOLZ.

THE ROUTINE THAT I’LL BE DOING IN FEBRUARY – January was my most successful month to date in terms of gym attendance and overall I loved it, bar the odd day or four where walking down chairs/sitting on the loo/crouching down to reach the back of a cupboard was pure hell. I plan on continuing with the routine I’ve been doing for the past few weeks: doing sessions on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday with my PT focusing on legs, then arms, then full body, then mixing it up with a short but sweet (PAH!) cardio session on a Tuesday and Thursday. I find that 10 minutes on the Stairmaster, then 10 on the bike, finishing off with 10 minutes on the rowing machine is enough for me. Pop on a YouTube video or podcast and you don’t even realise what you’re legs are doing (kinda).