The Essie Autumn Edit

An Essie ombré line-up. Cute, huh? Well this red to purple rainbow of hues is what has been gracing my nails over recent weeks. Now please note that none of these shades are from the actual Autumn 2012 collection as each time I’ve visited a stand in Boots the counter has been ram-raided by fellow Essie lovers like myself and there are no new shades to be seen (although Don’t Sweater It and Miss Fancy Pants will be mine if I ever find a fruitful display). So for the meantime I’m sticking with right on reds and downright dirty greiges…

Lets start with the vampiest offering of the bunch – Sole Mate. I’ve spoken about this black-cherry offering before – it’s the perfect ‘I want to wear black, but not black’ shade. Now the one that jumps out the most out of this array is Apperitif. A bright, bold, straight-up red, equally balanced between blue and orange tones – I quickly layered one coat of this on one morning and before I knew it five days had passed. Oh yes. Lazy girl to the max! A shade which I have never reached for too much but have found a recent lust for is Angora Cardi. It’s a toughie to explain shade-wise, but all I can say is I want a cardigan woven in this colour, thanks. The next two follow that saying of being ‘the same, but different’. Smokin Hot and Merino Cool both fall into the murky, purple, grey category (one of my personal favourites), look gorgeous on the nails and are shades I cannot stop looking at when I’ve lacquered them on. My pick out of the two? Merino Cool, it was one of the first Essie’s I tried and will alway hold a special place in my nail polish loving heart.

The naughty beauty blogger in me forgot to (read: too lazy to redo my mani) swatch each shade, but if you fancy a lengthly ramble complete with painted nails you can always get comfy and watch my Essie Collection video. Now which shade to revisit next?


  • WY

    I’m definitely putting solemate and merino cool on my to buy list! Have you tried recessionista though? It seems like a gorgeous burgundy! X

  • I love the look of soul mate, I’ll have to keep my eye open for that one

  • Juliette

    I love sole mate, I’ve been wearing it a lot this autumn. I need to try Angora Cardi.

    Juliette xx

  • Heather

    i bought sole mate after i saw it on you in your previous blog post and it’s not been off my nails since!

  • Vics

    Smokin Hot looks gorgeous, right up my street. Jealous of all your essie polishes, they are my favourite, especially the diffusion line with the thicker brushes.

  • i dunno if you know this…but i know that you LOVE the emma hardie cleansing balm…is on sale for £28 at beautybay! lol

  • I’ve been wearing Smokin’ Hot and Merino Cool constantly! I really want to try Sole Mate now though. I just love Essie polishes. xx

  • Allie

    I’m wearing Sole Mate at the moment, I love it! I’ve wanted Merino Cool for a while now too but Smokin’ Hot looks good too! x

  • Rebecca Bridger

    Absolutely huge fan of Sole Mate – I love it to bits. Currently wearing’s Essie’s ‘Skirting the Issue’ – it’s a must have missus! Loving your posts as always

    Rebecca xx

  • I would love to have the 2 first and the 2 last on that line! So pretty!

  • I very recently bought my first Essie polish, Head Mistress. I love it. I think it’s a perfect shade for Autumn/Winter. 🙂 xo

  • Natalie

    wow! I really really want them all! such gorgeous colours! I have never purchased Essie polish before as I find it quite expensive but I am being more and more swayed towards it every time I see a different colour! lovely post:) xx

  • MaryJanett

    Oh wow beautiful colours! You have soooo many essie shades! You lucky lucky person!!

  • lena

    can u do a video on your bag collection?

  • gigi

    great shade choices. have to go check these out? perfect for autumn. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • I love the Angora Cardi shade, it’s such a pretty colour

    Daniella x

  • On The Dressing Table

    I am yet to try essie, are they the same quality as opi and leighton denny? the colours look lush x

  • anna

    Apperitif looks lovely ! My favourite out of the WHOLE bunch definitelly !
    I love essie nailpolishes , they have the best formulation in my opinion !

  • Diane11792

    Now listen to me Anna you’ve got to stop doing this to me. Stop raving about Essie bec i freakin want all the shades you mention but my purse will never forgive me if I gave in. haha 🙂

  • Beth Bradley

    The last purple shade is beautiful!

    Beth @


  • Luxe.

    Ahhh these are all gorgeous! I can’t decide which I want most!x

  • RachelPretzel

    Great colors!!

    Regards from…

  • Zaggora Girl

    Gorgeous wintery shades! 🙂

  • brusselslifebeauty

    Merino cool is something I’ve been rocking on my nails for the past few weeks. Cant seem to get enough of this color! so pretty & appropriate for fall

  • Sian

    Have you seen It’s Genius? Beautiful, shimmery, deep reddy-brown colour, loving it at the mo (: Awesome post, as always! x

  • Marie

    I love this shades! They’re all so lovely!

  • thebeautyheroes

    love your autumn picks ! merino cool does look amazing ! i just picked up luxedo and it’s fantastic for the season too ! xx

  • katherine.parkes

    I love my angora cardi one, they are so beautiful! x

  • Katie Fawcett

    I got Angora Cardi about a month or so ago and I bloody love it! I think I’m going to have to purchase Sole Mate. It’s stunning.

    Katie xo