The E.E Cream? Hear Me Out On This One…


I seem to be having a real moment with Estée Lauder’s ‘tubes of stuff’ – a very technical term there I know. Their DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection in SPF50 is great as is their Revitalising Supreme C.C Cream. They’re both things that have made it to the bathroom shelf and have stayed there because I grab for them both on a daily basis. Now there’s something new that’s been added to the crew – the Enlighten Even Effect Skintone Corrector SPF 30. It’s slightly cheaper than the C.C, comes in three shades (I have Light) and brings a luminosity to the skin without a speck of shimmer in sight. I’ve been wearing it on days when I don’t want a stuffy base on and instead pair it with concealer and bit of bronzer. Easy peasy. Think of it like a stop-gap between the SPF and the C.C cream; it’s got a decent SPF (the C.C only has SPF 10), less coverage than the C.C, but more radiance – honestly I’ve never used anything like it and it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on the skin AT ALL.

I attempted to take a picture but you really couldn’t see the effect despite me taking more shots that I’d ever admit to, but if you want to see it in action then check out Sandra’s tutorial because it’s a great demo of the glow that this stuff imparts (thanks for enabling me again Sandra!). For ‘no makeup’ makeup days, to used as a primer on ‘makeup’ makeup days – I see this getting a tonne of use.