The Cutest Mascara. Ever?

Cute Mascara

You know me when it comes to mascaras. The cheaper and the more waterproof, the better. Now this offering may not be the cheapest of them all, but it is waterproof and in the cuteness stakes it wins hands down. Let’s take it back to when we first met…

While perusing my local Topshop the other day with Lily, she spotted a BeautyMART concession nestled in the back. Being the makeup junkies that we are we ran over (I’m pretty sure there was running involved) to the little stand from the brand that brings an edited pick of hard-to-find cult products to market. Obviously I could have filled my boots here, but with a few to-be Topshop purchases hanging off my fingers I played it cool, only picking up a mascara that I’d heard a few overseas beauty gals rave about before. The Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara.

Here’s the need to know. Firstly, it’s one of Japan’s best-selling mascaras. Secondly, the box says that it was ‘created by a TV Personality’. My research suggests that it was indeed dreamt up by a Japanese celebrity, Aya Yasuda, who snipped away into mascara wands at home to create the perfect lash-building tool. This leads me on to my third point – the brush is weird but wonderful. With two humps it distributes the product to lashes via three spheres that concentrate it on the inner, middle and outer corners. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it actually does work. Finally, the formula is seriously kick-ass – I’ll give you the science-y bit first. It contains five lash-conditioning ‘treatment essences’, additional fibres to beef up volume and film-forming polymers hold the curl and prevent it migrating in a panda-like fashion. Excuse the photo where I look a bit like an alien, but hopefully it illustrates the curl, volume and length that the Fairydrops gives.

I’m an exclusively waterproof mascara wearer, but even some of my favourite formulas give the dreaded under-eye ring after a long day of wear, but this didn’t budge. At all. Being a hardy formula you’d expect it to be a beyatch to remove, but nope. A bit of soaking with the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover and it was gone. A winner in formula, wear, brush and über cute packaging? I think I may just have found my new favourite mascara.