The Best of Blistex

During a rambling conversation with my Dad that covered topics such as our favourites from Strictly Come Dancing (me – Kimberly, him – Michael), tripods and his latest purchase of a Henry hoover – exciting stuff, he told me that he’d got into a chat with one of my cousins who I haven’t seen for ages (shout out to Lisa!), about my blog. She said she loved having a read (thanks girl!), but did have one snippet of feedback – could I talk about cheaper products every now and again. She said she loved to treat herself but likes to be able to dash into Boots or Superdrug to grab a beauty bargain on a more regular basis and would love to see what I’d recommend purchasing on such a trip. Well I’m all for some constructive feedback so here it is, a new category – ‘The Budget Buy’! Now these might not be the most regular of the features on the blog cause I want to make sure I’m bringing you the best of the drugstore edit, but I’ll aim to keep everything under a tenner – cheap, cheerful and easy on the purse. For the first instalment, two absolute gems from Blistex…

If I’m not slathering the ever-so-pricey and completely not suited to this category, By Terry Baume de Rose on my lips then there’s a high chance I’ve swapped it for an offering from Blistex. I’ve spoken about their Intensive Moisturiser before; it’s a white cream that is quite literally a moisturiser for the lips. It looks quite freaky while you’re applying it, but with a good massage into the lips it almost disappears – enough for you to wander around in public and not look like a corpse, and really injects some juice into the lips. My other favourite from them, and one that me and the boy have matching pots of, is the Medplus. This is more of a classic lipbalm, with a menthol tingle that works some serious magic on chapped lips. The scent gives it a somewhat medicated vibe and it sits on your lips without feeling too greasy or heavy – I’d even go as far to say it’s my second favourite lip product (By Terry pipping it to the post, just). Both fit into my stash – the Intensive Moisturiser as more of an overnight product and the Medplus in my bag to apply during the day.

The best bit – you can pick both of these up for just over £5 . Although they’re usually thrown into some kind of deal, so worth keeping an eye out. So there you have it Lisa – add ’em to your Boots shopping list! 


  • Victoria Carlisle

    I haven’t tried anything from blistex before. But my lips are super dry at the moment 🙁 so I might give the Intensive Moisturiser a go! I think this is a good new category 🙂

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    Aw thats sweet your cousin reads your blog, my dad is my no.1 fan i swear aha! I LOVE blistex medplus and i recently ran out and i am suffering (;

    Sophierosehearts x

  • kitty paterson

    Ha I am to guilty of buying expensive lib balms, my fav one at the moment is the dior rose one! But I love the intensive moisturiser and have been using it nightly great bargain buys!

  • beckysmakeup

    Earlier in the year I had to have jaw surgery as a result of this my lips dried up something silly and were literally falling off (I shudder at the thought now, gross right?) But it was Blistex that saw me through and fixed them in a matter of days. Since that Blistex has been a must have in my beauty drawer and I never fail to slather it on every evening before bed.


    beckys makeup

  • Rachel

    Love this new feature! And it must be said: Blistex is a godsend.

  • Gavina D

    I love Blistex, saves my lips every night especially in this cold weather!

  • Blistex Relief Cream is absolutely amazing too! x

  • jordanstorrer

    you should definitely try the blistex moisture melt! i’m not sure if it’s available in the UK because i live in America, but it is a LIFESAVER!

  • jess
  • The intensive moisturiser is my life saver at the minute

  • Katherine

    love this feature idea! xx

  • Kassie lee

    I better buy some of this stuff my lips are in need of a good overnight renewal balm

  • Katie

    I also love both of these – I’m currently on Roaccutane for my acne and as a result my lips have fallen apart. After discovering both of these, though, my lips have actually started to look somewhat like a real person’s lips again!

  • Lili

    i love blistex! holy grail material right there!

  • Evelyn

    I still haven’t tried the MedPlus and i really must! my poor lips 🙁 i really rate the 8 hour cream though!!

  • Beth Bradley

    I really don’t like the Blistex intensive moisturiser, it didnt do anything!