Something a little different today. When I was given the option of staying in, watching the grey rain patter on the window and munching down on a pack of dry ol’ cereal, or testing out the AW12 Prêt-À-Portea selection at the Berkley (see what they did there, eh?) with the lovely Laurel it wasn’t a difficult choice to make. Lunch for me usually includes last nights leftovers or a quick drop-in at Pret (their Christmas Lunch sandwich – oh wow!), so a parade of fashionable fancies based on the AW12 runways was a very welcome alternative…

The Berkley, just a stones-throw from Hyde Park and conveniently round the corner from Harvey Nichols (you thinking what I’m thinking – combined trip to BeautyMart?), has put their own fashionista twist on afternoon tea. No scones and cucumber sandwiches here, just plates by the plentiful filled with sweets based on the latest seasons themes and trends; the menu of which is given a whirl every six months to keep up to date with the newest goings-on in the fashion world. Nice idea, right? I had to control my snapping overload when the delicacies arrived, but how cute are the creations based on YSL, Burberry and Marc Jacobs to name just a few. It would have been rude not to test everything, so I did, dutifully, and my personal favourites were the Fendi Ginger Ankle Boot Biscuit and the Giambattista Valli Red Macaroon with Rose Ganache. As if that isn’t enough there’s also a savoury selection of skewers, taster spoons and canapés, sandwiches and a load of teas to choose from – I went for the spicy cherry infusion and it was delicious. Let’s just say you won’t leave hungry, and may need to undo a button or two (guilty).

Prêt-À-Portea’s at the Berkley start at £39 per person for as many teas and sweet treats you can divulge. And at that price I certainly won’t be swapping my daily Pret-A-Manger habit for it, but it would make a nice fashion aficionado filling station after doing a spot of Christmas shopping with the girls. Ladies and fashionable fellas – tea for two?


  • KLG_Hair

    Ooh yum, what a lovely afternoon.
    It’s a nice treat for a special occasion, and my nan would absolute love this. Maybe a Christmas present.

  • Grace

    Looks delicious! The mini YSL handbag is so cute! x

  • holly

    this looks amazing, seriously in need of a cream tea right about now …

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    This looks ah-mazing! My mum and I are popping to London just before Christmas to see the Spice Girls musical…think we may have to indulge in this afternoon tea too.

  • joysteib

    Okay that’s it!!!!! I’m packing and purchasing a way mind you…and when I land heading straight away to Pret-A-Portea!!!!! 🙂 Alright so I’m not doing that…Thanks for sharing though!!!!! <3

  • joysteib

    Oh and this post was simply amazing…well done my dear!!!

  • Sarah S.

    Er…mah…gerd! Those have to be the cutest sweeties I’ve ever seen! I want to fly to London just to go to this tea XD

  • Kassie lee

    omg only in london do they have cute little places like this, one day I travel across the pond and go to one of these sweet little shops

  • jess

    this is amazing!! lovely pictures 😀

  • sarirah

    Wow that sounds (and looks) like an amazing day. I have to say though, I’d rather have the chance to make those little fancies than eat them ;0

  • VIKBeauty

    How could you eat my dearest YSL!!!! :p x

  • Those cakes look too good to eat, they’re so pretty! This sounds like a lovely idea for a special lunch out 🙂
    Daniella x

  • Jemimaandted

    I went to this a few years back it’s awesome!