The Barely-There Eyeshadow Smudgers


Eyeshadow and I have a tumultuous relationship and right now we’re having an ‘off‘ stage. I find that whenever I get my lash lift and tint re-done (thanks Jamie!), my eyelashes make such a statement that I just don’t feel the need to smear something on my lash line or lid. I also find that in the warmer months my eyelids become reservoirs for oil to pool in and any formula, whether I’ve primered-up or not, just melts away in a matter of minutes. Whenever I do fancy wearing something though I have to go for either a light wash of powder or a waxy cream-to-power texture that does that whole setting thang where it becomes literally impossible to rub off. Colour-wise I’m feeling inspired by Estée right now and her love for earthy tones. I find myself muttering ‘What would Estée do?‘ as I riffle though my eyeshadow drawer and reach for camels and taupes. So say hello to my Estée-inspired, long-wear eyeshadow crew that I currently reach for whenever the need for a little bit of dimension washes over me…

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Pale Barley. I feel a great sense of satisfaction whenever I open this compact because I have in fact, touched pan. I always just feel like it was a really solid, justified purchase. In fact, these days I don’t own many single powder eyeshadows because I’m just more of a cream gal, so this is probably my favourite powder eyeshadow that I own. It delivers a sheer wash of an antiqued khaki-almost to the eyes and I never get eyeshadow regret when I put this one on.

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork. This is what I’m wearing in the picture above and out of the four I’d say that this colour is the one that I reach for the most often. It’s like a dirty, grey-ish, mid-tone brown that doesn’t really look like much in the pot, or even on the eye for that matter, but it just adds a bit of a natural shadow. It’s perfect for those ‘no makeup, makeup‘ days. I usually apply it quite heavy on the lid with a MAC 242 because it’s impossible to go overboard with, and then smoosh in the edges with my finger.

CHANEL Illusion D’Ombre in Mirage. You’ll notice here that I’m having a shimmer-free moment on my eyes (mainly because I’m so into shimmer everywhere else!), so this provides a bit of light relief in the matte department. It’s not super reflective, but the slight glimmer makes it very easy on the eyes and the texture is pretty buildable in that you can apply it with your finger for a sheer wash, or a brush for a denser finish. I just love the golden-bronze colour.

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Colour Stick in Sand Bar. There’s no denying that MAC do some of the longest wearing shadows, hence their second appearance in this line-up and this chunky stick is about as waterproof as they come. When you have to do one eye at a time, that’s when you know that it’s good. The colour here really reminds me of MAC Soba, in that it’s a warm camel, but don’t be put off by the orange tones because it gives a nice twist on your standard neutrals. Pale eye gals and guys, you’ve got to give this one a go.