My Top Five Cookie Recipes – Bring ‘Em On

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I. LOVE. COOKIES. I could probably just leave this post there and pop a few links below, couldn’t I really? Ooooh I do love a good slightly crunchy on the outside, mega gooey on the inside cookie. They’re one of the first things I ever learnt to bake (Thanks Mum!) and to this day they are one of my favourite things to rustle up because not only are the recipes that I use extremely simple – most can be made in a food processor or KitchenAid – they can be snacked on in the afternoon or broken up into yogurt to make it real tasty. The only issue here is that if a recipe says that it makes 12, then I know only about 6 servings worth will make it into the oven. My bad. Here are five of my favourite recipes from the interwebz…

The gluten-free onesMadeleine Shaw’s Ultimate Gluten-Free Choc Chip Cookies. These are the lovely cookies pictured above and are the ones I also rustled up in my latest ‘What I Eat in a Day’ video. I’m not a gluten-free gal myself, but I do have some friends that are, so I bake these up whenever they are coming over. I must say that I’ve also substituted the egg in this recipe, for a flax seed ‘egg’ and it worked well, despite them being a little crumbly – but worth noting for the vegans amongst you.

The protein-filled onesThe Big Man’s World Healthy Grain-Free Cinnamon Bun Protein Cookies. This guy has some great recipes on his website, especially if you’re looking for new ways to incorporate your protein hit into various different sweet treats. I’ve tried a few, but this one has to be my favourite because it’s quick and easy to adapt so you can just make the one or make 20 if you fancy.

The healthy onesZanna Van Dijk’s Cookie Dough Bites. Now it takes a while to get your head around the fact that these have chickpeas in as the main ingredient – granted – but once you do, you’ll be amazed by how these don’t taste like hummus and instead taste like tiny little bites of sweet tooth heaven. I like to eat these freshly cooked up, so tend to save the dough in the fridge and cook it up in batches whenever I fancy some.

The gooey onesNigella’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. You can’t go wrong with a Nigella recipe and these are no exception. They take a little longer to make, but are well worth all the extra steps. I must say that I tend not to leave them in the oven for as long as she suggests because I do prefer my cookies a little on the gooey side and so a couple of minutes less cooking time is perfect. Mmmm doughy.

The OMG HELL YES onesVivianna Does Makeup’s THE Cookie Recipe. Ah common’ – I had to put a little plug for these bad boys in somewhere. I made these for Mark’s mates when they came to visit one time and every time they come back, they put in a request for these. These are devilishly good, and are just how I like them. The key here is to get them out of the oven when they are still slightly sloppy and leave them to firm up on the rack. Brownie points for you if you can actually let them cool down before eating them.