The Anti-Hangover Facial

I’m a grannie. Common’ you know this by now. Who knew that by my mid-twenties I’d feel the effects of alcohol in the same way as my Mum – two drinks and your elbows start to feel floppy, you get giggly and decide that you’ve reached your quota for the night. That is exactly what happened a few weekend’s ago when I entered back into the world of clubbing for one night only for my best mates birthday. I’d had my two So Co, Lemon and Limes and decided I was sufficiently topped up so it wasn’t the drink that did me in, it was the 3am bedtime. By the morning I felt tired, groggy and grey. It was nothing that a Sunday afternoon nap and a few gallons of water couldn’t fix and luckily I had some kick-ass skincare products hanging around that I’ve clubbed together and dubbed the ‘Anti-Hangover/3am Bedtime Fixer Facial’. It. Was. Awesome. This one goes out to all of you who are feeling a bit fuzzy today…

THE SCRUB: Zelens Micro-Refiner Bi-Active Exfoliator. By the far the most expensive cog in this wheel, but probably the most effective step out of the five. I’ve never really been one for manual exfoliators but this hushes up every concern I’ve ever had with them. Gentle, non-scratchy and a texture that sandblasts the skin leaving it looking freshly polished. It almost justifies the purchase.

THE MASK: Oskia Renaissance Mask. Follow your freshly dusted complexion with a thin layer of this and then we’re talking. Of recent times this has been top of my mask pile – think an amped-up version of the REN Glycolactic one. The best bit? It’s quick. Five minutes and it’s done the job.

THE SPRITZ: Caudalie Eau de Beauté. It’s been a while since this has been brought into play hasn’t it? Refreshing and with a definitely zingy feeling after being used post-mask – I found this to really wake me up. The scent soothes as always and it just helps to deliver that final kick into the skin to push it over the awake looking line.

THE EYE CREAM: Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream. Oh I do love this stuff. With just the right levels of emollience and luminescence it does a decent job at diffusing dark circles, puffiness and just making things look less grey and dreary under there. The only eye cream you need to reach for on a Sunday.

THE ILLUMINATOR: Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm. I’m struggling to find a difference between this and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. They’re basically exactly the same thing. A moisturiser designed to illuminate without a hint of shimmer in sight. It’s not greasy, nor oily looking – just sheeny. Fab as a base for makeup or as the final step of a skincare routine when planning to go barefaced. Think brightening in a bottle.

I’ve given plenty of DIY at-home facial line-ups a go, but I think this combination may be my favourite of all. It didn’t aggravate, was surprisingly gentle and my skin was oh-so-soft and bump-free by the end. And I looked awake. And just generally healthy. Screw it. I’m whacking this out every weekend.


  • Nikki Stamp

    Perfect timing. Big thank you!

  • Sounds like a pretty good lineup, perfect for when things should be kept a little quieter and a little darker after a night out.

  • B

    I have the Elemis flash balm sitting beside me on the desk as I type this. I think it’s a truly terrible product – probably the worst I’ve ever used. It smells like laundry detergent and as you rub it into the skin it just balls up and rolls away. Useless! Been meaning to bin it for a while, so this post has reminded me to do just that!!


      Like the Clarins beauty flash, you’re not supposed to ‘rub’ it in. You’re supposed to smooth it on or press it into the skin.

  • amycino

    Haven’t tried any of these products but these posts always inspire me o have a pamper night!

  • I love love Clarins beauty flash balm! Suddenly everybody is talking about it! Also, the Oskia mask is ridiculously expensive so ill stick to the REN even though thats not much of respite, price wise! My new found love is the Aesop parsley seed mask, which beats all of these!

  • mmmmh loved that post ! this scrub is looking SO nice.. It will probably be added to a future birthday wish list 🙂 have a lovely day Anna !

  • Anna Blush

    I’m not much of a drinker but ill definitely keep this in mind next time I have a sleepless night. I love how the Caudalie spritz refreshes skin so nicely x

  • I definitely need to try this! Espeically after nights out in uni.. My skin gets so bad after I go out for drinks. xx

  • Mia

    Hi, Anna, the Caudalie elexir de beauté contains alcohol, so I’m just wondering if one should keep this in mind when using it? I have it myself and I really like it very much, I’m just not sure how to feel about that fact. How do you feel about alcohol in skin care products?


      Hi there, I’d usually steer clear of products with alcohol in them, but this one seems to be an exception – there are enough ‘good’ ingredients in there that they counter the alcohol effectively so that it’s not an issue.

  • These products sound amazing!! Definitely will need to try these some time!!

    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  • Emma Lovewood

    I’ve been waiting for a post like this to pop up. I love origins eye cream it’s a must have – hangover or not! I must invest in the exfoliator though it sounds brill xx

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Lovely collection of products! I do not necessarly use different products hang-over or not. Love the mask Oskia and hope to try it soon! x

  • ceeebeee

    I love the Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm. As long as I smooth it over rather than rub it in, it fixes tired looking skin in a jiffy! Seriously hooked. On most days, this is all I use, no tinted moisturiser or foundation required and I’m in my thirties! My husband even comments on how good my skin looks when I wear this.

  • RemainReverie

    I will try it next time. Seems to worth the try. Thanks for the tip, that was a great article !


  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • I could do with one of these right now …. If only I could be tempted to leave my snuggly duvet 😉

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  • Nice post. These tips are very helpful especially when you are done with wild 20s years old nights.

  • Isabelle McWilliam

    I’d love these right about now…

  • The perfect post for Sunday morning.

  • I’ve been looking for a new face mask, will need to give this one to try! X

  • sofika
  • Michelle Glassow Schroll

    I need this today! I had two glasses of wine with my friend last night (and I never usually drink) and today I feel like I went clubbing all night and drank a lot of tequila shots…….

  • Oh I needed this last weekend 😉 I found that the Origins Overnight Mask is really also an essential on the ‘morning after’ from a bit of a bender. I too feel like a grannie. How am I still in my twenties and yet feel like death after a night out? We’re like the grannie brigade!


  • Rachel

    Always love skincare recommendations from you–you seriously have the most amazing skin, so I trust everything you say! Great post 🙂

  • Lauren S

    love the choice of products, i always love a reviving and brightening routine when i’ve got tired skin

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –


  • this post is perfect! even for when I don’t have a hangover, but just extremely tired and overwhelmed this will be just what I need! Lovely blog Vivianna, can’t get enough! 🙂

  • Wow, sounds like the perfect recipe for glowy, lively skin (especially when you’re not feeling too glowy yourself ;)). That Zelens scrub sounds perfect, as I have similar concerns about manual exfoliants- if only the price weren’t so high!

  • lisa robb
  • Julie

    love this!!

  • mikaylaa.s

    love this post! crazy what one late night can do to your skin, pampering after a late night always helps me feel like myself too!

  • ChristinesBeauty

    Seems as if you have found the perfect combination for tired skin!

  • Everydaymelissa

    did you do all that at 3am or when you woke up in the morning?