My Milan Makeup Bag

This week has been a bit manic, so my usual pre-trip routine of packing in plenty of time with lists, pouches and organisation galore was kicked to the side for a more frenzied approach of ‘How much can I fit in here?‘ and ‘Are five pairs of shoes too much for a six day trip?‘. Case in point: the contents of my Milan-bound makeup bag. Which though I tried to make into an edited pick of my makeup highlights, ended up being a bit of a free for all. And I caught all the beauty banter when it came to stuffing it all in and head scratching on video – aren’t I good to ya? There are a few space-saving tips I managed to throw in despite the muddled mind set, but on the whole it’s not the most logical or helpful of videos I’ve ever uploaded. But hey – it is pretty amazing how much bumf I fit into that bag though. Right?