The ANOMIE Jewellery Haul


One thing that I feel quite strongly about is supporting other women in business. I like to play my part in the sisterhood and try everyday not to not be dick and encourage and back others who are passionate and are doing what they love to do. ‘Don’t be a dick‘ – I’m not sure that’s a sentence I’ve ever written on here, but that’s a life mantra if I’ve ever seen one. Someone put that on a T-shirt. Supporting women in business is why I buy things from places like Fashercise – a hub of the chicest workout clothing founded by Alex and Cam who are two seriously kick-ass ladies, and Nouvelle Daily – a gorgeously pretty online stationery and art store run by my lovely friend Kate. Another women who I admire a tonne and makes me laugh daily with her hilarious Instagram captions is Chelsea. You may know her from her YouTube channel Chelsea Wears, but she also runs jewellery, clothing and lifestyle shop – ANOMIE. Prepare to swoon people…

I’ve followed ANOMIE from the beginning and over the years I’ve purchased quite a few things from clothing to rings and print to reed diffusers, but today I thought I’d share with you my latest two buys. I’m into earrings at the moment. When I was younger I loved a good hoop, in my early twenties that moved into feathers and dangly earrings that I’m surprised didn’t stretch my earlobes down to my shoulders, but as I reached my mid-twenties I got a bit bored with ear-ware and wore nothing.

Not wanting my holes to close-up (been there, done that, almost fainted outside Claire’s Accessories once and that’s enough for me), I picked up a pair of the 14K Yellow Gold Bar Studs from Giantlion. That was a few years ago now and after wearing them daily unfortunately one of them made a run for it. So instead of making a fashion statement by wearing just the one, I decided to pick up another pair (and that way I have a back-up because screw beauty back-ups, it’s all about earring back-ups don’t you know?). They’re on the right of the picture and they’re simple, good quality and so don’t make your ear green and are just a classic. I’ll be wearing them for years.

On the left though is something a bit different. I wanted to change it up a little and have an option for when I wanted to make a bit more of a statement, so I purchased a pair of the 14K Yellow Gold Circle/Slash Studs by Trio Trio. Aren’t they cool? The perfect addition to my two-pair earring wardrobe I’d say.

Chelsea – your taste in jewellery is second to none. ANOMIE rocks and so do you. Oh and keep posting on the ShopGirlsOfAnomie Instagram. It gives me all the belly laughs.