How To Get Your Hands on It Cosmetics In The UK


Whilst most UK beauty lovers lament over the lack of a Sephora on these shores, I moon over the absence of an Ulta. Sure – I’d be the first one in line if a Sephora opened over here, but the availability of shipping makes the whole thing much more accessible. Ulta on the other hand offer no international shipping options and stock some real gems that I’d never seen before I visited there in the summer. I practically did little jumps on the spot because the whole episode was just too exciting.

One of the brands that had me intrigued the most was It Cosmetics. I’d heard a few U.S beauty gals that I watch mention the brand and it just seemed a bit different. Sure, the packaging and marketing isn’t exactly to my taste but when I swatched some of the products I audibly swooned. I purchased a few items and now the Your Skin But Better CC Colour Correcting Full Coverage Cream is right up there in my base charts with full-on HG status. Man I love this stuff. It’s pretty hefty on the coverage front, but it just looks so darn natural on the skin. All dewy and glowy and juicy. Mmmm-mmmm.

Now I have the CC in the second to lightest shade – Light – however, it just wasn’t matching up with my sun-starved winter complexion so I needed to source it somehow in Fair. Amazon threw up a bottle that was £80 (ouch!), I found one for about £50 on eBay (still ouch!), but then I stumbled across it on Beautylish. Now Beautylish is a U.S-based website, but they ship to a tonne of places internationally with shipping costs that aren’t too hard to swallow. Plus, you pay all customs and tax charges when you order so there are no nasty surprises turning up at your door – phew. There’s a load of other brands available on there, but I stuck to It Cosmetics; purchasing their CC in Fair, the matching CC+ Eye Physical SPF 50 Colour Correcting Concealer in Fair and the Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer in Light. It arrived about 10 days later, all packaged up nicely and I’m well excited to dig in.

Now of course the CC is fab. Exactly how I remembered it, but I no longer feel like an Oompa-Loompa wannabe when I wear it, but I haven’t given the concealers a good enough go yet to report back fully. On first inspection the CC+ Correcting Concealer is more of a medium coverage affair that’s a good everyday option, whereas the Bye Bye Under Eye is a bit heavier, but seriously bad-ass in that it kicks dark circles to the curb. I’ll update you with my thoughts and feelings soon, though right now I’m doing little jumps on the spot again. Cheers Beautylish.