Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil; What’s All The Fuss About?


Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil is everywhere – on every blog, YouTube channel, magazine beauty page – so may I take the chance to welcome you to one of the more original posts I’ve ever written. I jest. I’ve toyed with the idea of reviewing this for ages mainly because most people have already thrown their thoughts (and most I share) into the ring and because of the ridiculous (‘it’s an eyewatering percentage of my rent’-type) price tag, but as the weeks passed and I began to use this every night and see it slot itself into my skincare routine nicely, it’s got to be done…

So what’s the big commotion about here? Well it’s a oil-based retinol product which is a bit of a rarity, that due to the formula is potent, while being extremely gentle (for more on the science check out Caroline Hiron’s post because she is D’BOMB when it comes to ingredient knowledge). All the oils are organic and cold-pressed and include Avocado, Chia and Blue Tansy – a great anti-redness worker, whoop! – along with a load of others.

I haven’t used retinol products for quite a while now and I haven’t had the best experience with Sunday Riley. Ceramic Slip was for me ok as a cleanser, but I prefer something with a bit more hydration and I trialled Good Genes for around two weeks where I suffered with some of the most aggravated skin I’ve ever had. It was way too boisterous for my chops. Luna however? Well it looks like me and Sunday Riley are finally getting on. I’ve been using it now nightly for well over a month and when I wake up in the morning my skin feels smooth and silky, and looks glowy, not greasy. It’s one of those things I’ve got used to now, but when I first started using it I spent too long than I’d like to admit staring at my pores real close up in the mirror and thinking ‘THIS STUFF IS MAGIC’.

I apply it as the last step of my skincare routine after serum and it’s actually quite thick in texture. It’s definitely not one of those ‘sinks in right away’ products, but it’s not bothersome either. It just feels like you’re giving your skin a bit of a drink. Don’t worry about the blue look either as this diffuses away when you massage it into your face. It’s one of those real ‘less is more/gonna last you forever’ things as well because just one or two drops of oil does me each night. It lives up to its irritation-free claims to, because as someone whose skin tells them where to stick it when I apply something too strong, I haven’t had any problems with this in terms of increased redness, that hot feeling you get sometimes, rashes or anything like that. Just one happy complexion to report.

If you’re already a retinol veteran then this might not bring the oomph you like to see in your usual products (see Sandra’s review for that take), but if like me, you’re a bit of a sensitive soul in the complexion department then this could be ‘the one‘; it’s just the price tag that will make you wince. In the meantime I’ll keep a lookout for something that has the same effect that won’t make your wallet weep. Know of anything similar? Drop it below.