Summer Style Staples

So I’m having a full-on style sesh here today. A wardrobe clearing out to-do, followed by a video offering of what summer style essentials live in mine. Now, bear in mind that we’re talking about me here, so expect a lot of monochrome, heavy helpings of Topshop and Zara and nothing too experimental. But I have found some bits recently, including the most comfortable (and pretty cheap) camis from Topshop that need a bit of raving about, plus I purchased a jumpsuit that I lurve but need a bit of egging on to slip into on a daily basis so encouragement is welcomed. I’ve tried to narrow it down to a top five, but clothing that didn’t make the cut but very narrowly so includes Zara Silk shorts (I’ve worn a pair that I picked up last year non-stop this heatwave), Ray-Ban shades and Aldo sandals (that I’ve spouted about plenty of times before), and to see what managed to slip its way into my summer must-have lust list, just click away above…