Beach Babe (I wish) Lock Line-up

Every now and again I have a complete revamp of my haircare routine, then bumble along happily for a few months until I get itchy (thankfully not in the scalp area) to try something new. Right now I’m in that content, can’t stop swishing my hair, telling every woman I stumble upon that they just ‘need this amazing follicle oomphing stuff I’m using’ stage. It’s an extravagant routine, but with hair washing being one of the worst every other daily tasks out there, bar ironing (anyone feel my pain?) I need some encouragement to bend over and get rinsing before my locks start to resemble the look and smell of an old doormat. Or as I’ve fondly been told before after leaving my hair to fester for a few days ‘baked beans’ – nice. My current regime is geared towards that beach babe (I wish), textured, ‘I swear I didn’t touch it’ look and with a bit of tweaking and extreme upside down hair drying it sort of gets there. Here’s what I use from first rinse to final ruffle…

In the shower: If you’ve been a exemplary reader and kept up to date with your VDM reading then you’ll know to answer to this one. Every other day rinses are aided by Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Foam Wash Shampoo and Creme Rinse Conditioner – yep I’m on my second bottle of each. The only hair wash duo that I’ve ever really fallen for. My old favourite, Sunday Shampoo comes into play too on occasions where I’ve left my hair a day (or three) to long sans wash. See I told you I needed encouragement? 

For va-va-voom: The pièce de résistance of my current lock line-up is this, Oribe’s Maximista Thickening Spray (as oded to here). It. Is. Awesome. Fat follicles in a bottle and when sprayed on freshly washed damp hair, and blow dried with some seriously hair ruffling involved it gets big. And it works as a heat protectant spray *gets out of seat an applauds*. 

Post blow dry: Here’s the fun bit. It’s now a bit of a veteran in my routine, but of course out comes the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray (one of my most FAQs is a cheaper dupe for this, I’m working on it). Big, matte hair in one short sharp spritz. A newer addition to the crew is Oribe’s Apres Beach Wave and Shine Hairspray which initially I was a little underwhelmed with. But I’ve worked it out – it’s one of those less is more jobbies. It creates a  piecey texture with added hold and if I’m feeling wild (and spendy) I’ll apply both – the Dry Texturising Spray on the Roots and the Apres Beach Wave on the ends. Wild, I tell you.

A hug for your hair: I’ve given up faffing about with fancy masks and when all the faux beach spritzes and thickening sprays have stripped my hair back that little too much I turn to the RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream (as previously raved about). Slapped on pre-shampoo with a heavy hand, or lightly applied through the ends on damp hair it works equally well at both, adding a touch of TLC to my not-so-surfer-girl mop.


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