Summer Capsule Wardrobe Haul: ASOS & Topshop

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I’ve been getting quite a few questions recently about whether I’m still on my Capsule Wardrobe crusade and the short answer is, yes – I am. I last updated it for spring and showed the final edit in this video and since have only purchased two tops which I blogged about here and then two going-out outfits for events that I have coming up (one you’ll see on Friday and another is for a wedding). Shopping for clothes just hasn’t been on my mind (unfortunately the same can’t be said for workout leggings, nail polishes and late-night Amazon orders).

I forgot to put a date in for my summer refresh, but really with the UK weather swinging from tropical to Antarctic I don’t think I would have made that many purchases anyway and I’ve managed to muddle through with what I’d already got, just with a bit of dipping into my winter wardrobe that’s stored under my bed. Mad, I know. So really, I’m not planning on making any huge shifts in my wardrobe until autumn, however I’m off on a summer holiday next month and my beachwear wardrobe was seriously lacking (just one pair of denim shorts and a beach cover-up that I panic purchased at Gatwick Airport years ago). A light holiday wardrobe refresh was needed and that’s where this video comes in.

Before I pursued my usual spots, I researched a packing method for holidays that had caught my eye – the 5,4,3,2,1 method (I found this post helpful) and decided that that would be my plan of action for my week-long vacation. From that I was able to work out what I wanted to take with me that I already owned and pick out the areas in which I was lacking and needed to fill up my basket with. So this is the resulting haul; a fair amount of pieces from Topshop and ASOS, some that I’m keeping and some that I’m sending back. It’s a bit of an all-in-one this video; haul, try-on, review, packing tips – though I’ll go more into the latter in a future video if you’d like to see my final holiday capsule. Just holler.

Photos by me / Edited by Lauren Shipley


  • That romper is really cute! Very smart to stick to a fixed color scheme, it really does look like everything goes together. Except for the espadrilles maybe, yes 🙂

  • Sophie Stewart

    I love those shoes. Sophie x

  • Lizzie

    Love the espadrilles Anna and the pom pom trim is so cute!

  • Nadia Sabrina

    Oh my word, the shoes are just <3

    Cheers from Indonesia,

  • Great picks for summer! I love your sense of style 🙂

    Kate xo //

  • Loving the espadrilles! x

  • I love your style anna! The shoes are beautttiful. ^_^

    Katie // Words by Katie

  • Stripes are one of the trends I can’t have enough of! Love the jumpsuit you’re wearing.

    Ela BellaWorld

  • Packing for a beach vacation when you usually live in a non-beachy climate is quite a struggle.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Philippa

    I really like the look of playsuits, but just find them too uncomfortable to wear! Great video, I definitely pack like this when I go away to save space and time!
    Philippa x

  • Anna

    I am a master of hand-luggage only travel, but the opposite of you in that I tend heavily towards dresses (why have separate tops and bottoms when you can do it all in one!). Something about me and shorts just doesn’t gel (same with playsuits – I just can’t seem to get on board with them, no matter how great they look on other people), so I’ve managed to get one pair this summer that basically look like a shirt. Secret Shorts so to speak!

  • I love a good haul video and I’ve been obsessed with ASOS lately too haha. Oh and I also have that ‘Life Changing Magic..’ book, it’s awesome! x

  • Love love love these! The shoes are so lovely xx

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer

  • missgetaway

    Gorgeous pieces. I especially love the shoes. ASOS is the best and worst thing to ever happen to my wardrobe. SO many amazing picks.

    Love, kerstin

  • Nilla Austin

    The jumpers look so great on you! I’m actually more of a dress person and tend to stay away from the jumpers, because I have yet to find one that looks right on me. Basically, I’m the opposite from you, haha! Loved the haul, looks like you’ve got some great new pieces 🙂

  • The white cami with the rope straps looks great on you! Love the collarbone action. I know you’re not sure about them, but my favorite item is the blush pink espadrilles!

  • the cami tops look absolutely lovely on you! i love your style, i’m a big fan of neutrals myself so i get so many outfit inspiration ideas when i watch your capsule wardrobe videos. x

    Aditi |

  • Nadia

    Stripes all day any day <3 I adore comfy rompers & comfy clothes. Neutrals & pastels are such staples and they are definitely not going anywhere in term of fashion 🙂
    xox Nadia

  • Annie Won

    Hi Anna, I love love love your posts.
    Anyhow, I hope I can open those links in new tab because I don’t want to press “Go back” every time to return to you from those external website.
    xoxo Annie

  • Jen

    So did the second pair of espadrilles work? 🙂

    Jen | affecionada

  • Kate

    Would love to see a holiday capsule!

  • Abby Evans

    I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, especially with college and smaller spaces coming up. You picked out some beautiful pieces to add!

    Abby Talks

  • Cute Espadrilles.

  • The shoes are lovely. Seem like it can match with everything. Want to go and grab one.

  • I think you made a good call on the dress. It’s a cute dress, but I think you’re more sophisticated. I say that like I know you in real life…;) Nice choices on the whole though.

  • Hello Anna! I love your colour palette and all your choices (I think the spardilles in this new colour will go great with everything l). However I wanted to ask you where you got that cute cactus, it looks like ceramic?

  • Love those espadrilles!! 🙂