My Smith & Cult Nail Polish Collection


I mentioned back at the beginning of the year that I had dramatically reduced my nail polish collection (something I’d wish I’d done before I lugged multiple boxes of makeup and beauty bits over to the new flat). Well a couple of weeks ago I downsized again reducing it to just the following and about four others. Basically my nail varnish stash consists of almost-exclusively Smith & Cult Nail Polish because I think they’re bloomin’ awesome. Sure, not all the formulas are completely kick-ass as you’ll see below – but the majority are spot-on, the colour range is banging (and mostly shimmer-free – hooray!) and the bottles are too pretty not to Instagram. Here’s what my polish rainbow looks like (shown in order applied in the GIF)…

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Bitter Buddhist: This has to be applied lovingly, but this muted mint shade is one of my favourites. It’s a subtle nod to colour and one that I always get compliments on whenever I wear it.

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Feed The Rich: I almost didn’t buy this because on the website it looked like a moss green, but a google of swatches revealed a teal that was probably the most unique colour I’ve ever seen. It’s exactly that – a complete beaut of a shade.

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Birdie Num Num: Now I can’t say that this is the best formula out there (it’s not and it’s a real wotsit to apply – three thin, shake-free coats are what’s required here), but the colour is certainly eye-catching.

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Kings & Thieves: A deep navy, this is unlike any other colour that I’ve tried before. Plus, it makes a nice change in the winter months to wear a dark colour that’s a bit off piste.

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Dark Like Me: I love this shade. It’s a CHANEL Rouge Noir-esque colour that actually paints on really well and streak-free. It’s one of those colours that whenever I use, I just feel chic and like I have my shizz together.

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Stockholm Syndrome: A murky lavender that looks grey in some lights and purple in others. This is one of the best formulas of the bunch and can be slopped on with one generous coat.

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Doe My Dear: MY FAVOURITE. This is my favourite nail colour I own (not that I own that many these days). I do find that three light coats is the way to go with it, but it’s worth the wait for the perfect lilac taupe

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Pillow Pie: I have to say that out of the 10 this is probably my least favourite. It’s a little too pink for me and the formula is a real faff to apply. Send your milky nude recommendations over please! 

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Psycho Candy: Holy cow. This colour is completely out of my comfort zone, but as you’ll know from its appearance in my July Favourites video, it’s one of my current favourites. A bright, highlighter coral.

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Kundalini Hustle: I do love a red that paints on fully opaque in just one coat and this formula does exactly that. It’s a postbox kind of shade that I feel like I’ll be wearing all winter long.

Photos by Lauren Shipley