Step Away from the Brows

I have to hold my hands up, for a few weeks ago I mauled my eyebrows. Mauled is certainly the correct word here. I went on an eyebrow plucking marathon and managed to take too much from the front, ends, top – you name it, I plucked it. Luckily it was just before I went on holiday, so while I was away I went into brow rehab, took a step back from the tweezers and managed to let them recover. And that’s something I’ve been doing since; minimal plucking paired with a bit of pencilling in and shading and just four weeks later they’re already looking better – less angry brow, more happy ‘beautifully arched, frames the face’ brow. But there are a few products that I rely on (quite heavily right now), to get them there…

In terms of tweezers, although I’m trying to steer clear of them at the moment, the best in the market are Tweezerman’s by a mile. So sharp, they grab every single little hair, rather pricey but worth the investment. Then to shade, fatten and elongate my brows I either use an eyeshadow or a pencil. Eyeshadow if I have a little less time on my hands as it’s what I’m more practiced at doing and pencil if I need something longer lasting. The eyeshadow that I find matches my brow shade nicely is MAC’s Espresso and I apply it with an Eco-Tools Angled Brush*. Then for pencil, my recent purchase of the Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencil in Warm Brunette is perfect. Can Laura Mercier do any wrong? It’s long-lasting, the easiest colour choice I’ve ever made (you match it up to your hair colour, I have warm brunette hair simples) and not too difficult to use. After I’ve applied either the eyeshadow or pencil, I quickly run the Eco-Tools Mascara Wand* through my brows just to make sure the colours dustributed evenly. As a final touch, I’ve been quickly applying the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Espresso just to keep everything in place for the day. It might aound like a bit of a faff written out like this but each morning it takes a minute or two to complete. You know me I’d rather be sleeping than fiddling around with my face in the morning!

I think the moral of the story here is if you fancy a brow overhaul then it’s probably best to leave it to the professionals. I had my brows done at a Benefit Brow Bar a while back now and I couldn’t reccomend them enough (post on that here). I think when my brows have recovered I’ll definitely start making trips there for a bit if up-keep. Until then I will be playing the following phrase on loop in my head, ‘step away from the brows, step away from the brows…’

*PR Sample


  • Anh

    Yeaah I like to wax my brows 🙂 

  • KLG_Hair

    I recently got HD brows after leaving mine to grow back after plucking like an idiot and leaving gaps and too short brows. 

    Makes such a difference to your face when you have nice brows doesn’t it. x

  • Makeupstop1

    I recently over plucked my eyebrows too! leaving it to the professionals is definitely the way forward for me x

  • I had much problems with my eyebrows, I can´t let anybody to touch them cause I like then in a certain way and it takes ages to grow so! they are untouchable! lol!

  • Eliza

    I pluck my brows but if you do one thing wrong it can look horrible 🙁

  • Serena Elliott

    I guess I’m lucky in that I just don’t have the patience to sit there plucking my brows for an hour! I recently let them grow out into a wolf-like state and got HD Brows done and it was amazing, totally recommend it if you need a re-shape! this was a great post anna really interesting as i’m such an eyebrow fanatic! x

  • Smitha Manoj

    I’ve mauled my eyebrows before too. It was a nightmare! So now I have to fill them in slightly so they look normal 😀

  • ahintofsparkle

    ah i over plucked a year ago on one eyebrow and its still not grown back properly, ive been to a benefit count and everything (although they do look a lot better since) so your very very lucky it hasn’t taken that long for them to grow back 🙂 ..definitely tempted to try the laura mercier eye brow pencil now 😉 xx

  • Sarah S.

    I seem to do this every couple of years.  Thank goodness for brow powders and pencils!

  • caityd14

    Hey Vivianna! I would love to see a video on your favourite current lip products! I’ve noticed you choose really lovely colours for yourself and i’d love to see! 🙂

  • Complete opposite for me. I went to a well known chain of threading brow bars and ended up having too much taken off my brows. One side far too much. It’s taking month for any hairs to grow back. Not good as i have rather thick dark brow hair 🙁 Penciling and powder always seems to look too obvious on me. I’ve tried so many times to get it right but i can’t. 
    Jules x

  • Brydie

    I remember getting my eyebrows threaded, and I actually cried because they looked that bad! I couldn’t stand them, they were really thin, where as I normally have them thick at the front and getting thinner. They’ve grown back now, but I still have a little fear of getting my eyebrows done! Love your blog and YouTube videos! Please keep posting! 🙂 xxx

  • Faceofthunder

    Love this. I remember I once over-plucked my brows and spent an entire Summer growing them back. Although I’m not sure about the Laura Mercier pencil match, my hair’s so much lighter than my brows (naturally). I’d look like I had highlights. Lol.

  • Lorna Patrick

    know the feeling, overplucking is the worst! 

  • Justaspoonfulofsugarblog

    I like your article! The Laura Mercier pencil looks great!

  • lysette james

    Worst feeling ever when you mess up your eyebrows!

  • Brow overplucking…we’ve all been there xx great post ! I swear by Tweezerman too 🙂

  • Chloe Salmons

    Story of my life this week! Ugh…haha

  • Sally

    I plucked (literally) all my eyebrows off when I was about 13… massive mistake, haha. It’s been about two years since the *incident* and they’re still not back properly! 😛

  • Derouchey

    Eyebrows are probably my favorite part of my makeup routine.
    I, as everyone else, has over plucked once before in my life & now I am UBER careful not to!

  • Hettie Brooks

    do you know if the Anastasia  brow products are stocked anywhere in the UK? xx