Benefit Coralista…Lipgloss?

There has always been somewhat of a pull around the Benefit box blushes in the beauty world hasn’t there? Even my non-cosmetics crazy Sister has a bit of a thing with them and I remember watching countless ‘Benefit Blush Collections’ videos back in the day. Over the past few years Benefit have released new shades, repackaged them to tart them up a little and have just recently released corresponding lipglosses to their six best-selling blushes. Interesting move Benefit…

Coralista is my favourite Benefit box blush, although I need to get round to purchasing Hoola – it’s been on my list for ages, do I need it? So it was a lucky coincidence that I got to try out the Benefit Ultra Plush Gloss also in Coralista*. In terms of colour it’s a pretty good match with the Coralista blush – a pinky coral, although I’d say the gloss is a little darker. There isn’t too much pigment in the gloss though and it gave a very sheer wash of colour over my albeit rather naturally red lips. The formula does get a thumbs up from me – silky on the lips, not too sticky and adds a touch of moisture – glosses are really upping their game recently! If you like a colour-packed, long-lasting gloss then this probably isn’t going to be for you, but if you want a perfectly matched lip to accompany your fave Benefit blush and don’t mind a bit of reapplying then say hello to your new number one gloss.

The Benefit Ultra Plush Glosses are available now at counters in six shades – Coralista, Bella Bamba, Dallas, Dandelion, Hoola and Sugarbomb for £13.50 each. I have to say that for that price I’d be tempted to pick up the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, which is just my all-round favourite gloss (full review here). But as with anything in the beauty world the Benefit Ultra Plush Glosses aren’t a need they’re want and I can see Benefit fans queing up to get the gloss that matches their favourite blush. Will that be you?

*PR Sample


  • I tried this out over the weekend and the Coralista lipgloss is luscious!

  • Orna

    Have you tried Dior’s lip maximiser? Think you’d really like it as a treatment, I’ve been using it instead of the By Terry Baume de Rose recently and love it!

  • I love this x

  • Emily B

    Looks lovely!!

  • I bought this as a birthday present for my friend – tested it in store first and loved it!

  • alltheshallowthings

    Not normally a lipgloss kind of girl, but i might just give it a whirl x

  • Margaret
  • victoriaeightyfive

    I love Coralista blush but dunno if I’d go for the lip gloss. The Clarins one you mention sounds interesting though. I might have to check that out next time I’m in town.

  • Love this tone! it´s amazing the soft and natural finish! and I have the lipgloss too! so I love it too! thanks for sharing!

  • It looks lovely, but I think the price is a bit too much for me. Especially for the lip gloss, which I don’t wear that often…

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra’s Life 

  • Emily

    Such a nice color on you.

    I love your photography.  It’s always so warm and inviting.  It makes me feel at home.

  • Line Juul Noergaard

    I got so excited reading just the header, unfortunately I don’t think I will be purchasing the glosses at that price, looks lovely though 🙂 x

  • I do love Benefit products but at that price I feel its a bit too much, I’ll keep my eye on ebay for them I think!
    Daniella x 

  • alissia.deighton

    I’ve been a huge benefit fan in the past, just really because they’re packaging alsways seem to suck me in, but now I’ve got to know and have tried other brands, I really find Benefit ridiculously overpriced.

  • alissia.deighton

    It does look nice on the lips 😀

  • Justaspoonfulofsugarblog

    Love it!  I want to try the Bella bamba tint! x

  • I love these so much. I think I prefer them to the clarins actually which is a shocker!! Also, yes you do need Hoola, best bronzer out there. x

  • Sarah Herring

    I have had the benifit blushes on my wishlist for years, they are so expensive in Australia though! Here’s hoping benefit create a package duo with them! xoxo from Aus

  • Anh

    What a natural everyday color 🙂

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  • Chipperleah

    I’ve had a Benefit Lipgloss free with a magazine once before, loved the consistency and the hint of colour, not too thrilled with the scent (which is actually why I gave it away!) but I love the blush so I’d be tempted to try the matching gloss too. (ooooh Benefit.. See what you’ve done there.. Hook line and sinker!)
    Leafy x

  • Eliza

    I’ve never tried this blush but the lipgloss looks stunning!

  • Julia Brunette

    i love your blog, it’s  soooo cute! I’ll try Coralista, but the blush for the first time! 😀
    Here in italy, it’s difficult buy   Benefit’s products.

    xoxo from Venice

  • I want to get both the blush and the lipgloss but I’m not sure I really need either. They both look beautiful on you!


  • WY

    The blush has been on my wish list for absolutely ages, and now this gloss is on it too haha! Would you say the staying power is long? 🙂 x

  • The shade is so pretty on you! 🙂 And you already have so many great bronzers that I don’t think you need Hoola! 🙂