Stationery Addicts Not-So Anonymous

On a recent trip home my Dad just couldn’t hide his excitement at his suggestion for a lunchtime trip to Staples so he could show me the desk set he’s planning to purchase to turn my old room into his office. Yep, it’s official. I’ve most definitely moved out. But there’s nothing like a bit of a father/daughter bonding time in the aisles of a stationery store, right? And with notepads being my blogging best friend and just behind foundation, perfumes and ridiculously expensive bath products on my addiction roster I happily obliged. When we arrived I dutifully sat on his to-be-purchased desk chair, “oh yes, nice lumbar support”, mused over the desk “yep that will look beautiful with the floral curtains that still hang in my/your room” and then went on the hunt for something to satisfy my stationary hunger.

And found it I did when I stumbled across the Martha Stewart at Staples section. Who knew? I’m a usually a Paperchase or Liberty girl, but with some hunks of a notepad on display, fancy filing, cutesy labels and storage – STORAGE – I was sold. And ended up lugging home a brand-spanking new notepad (now almost 1/10th full of my makeup musings, I word vomit often), some page markers (to tack down the important pages where I plan the calendar for my posts) and some fancy dancy post-its all at 50% off, I deemed it a successful excursion in the stationery stakes. Cheers Dad.


  • Danielle

    All of this stuff looks great! I also love stationary and pens haha.
    – Danielle

  • hahaha! 50% off? lucky you!! They look great! =)

  • t
  • Guest

    The Martha Stewart has designed stationary for Staples? I’m heading there ASAP, cannot risk missing this!

  • Viki Imrie

    Oooh love it! I’m a stationery addict too – might have to pop in! Viki x

  • My boyfriend makes fun of the ridiculous amounts of notebooks I’ve collected…can’t resist a cute pattern!

  • THE Martha Stewart has designed stationary for Staples? I’m heading there ASAP, cannot risk missing this!

  • Maddy Cane

    Looks amazing, I really want to check out her range, I love what you bought! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • LOVE those post its!! how cute!

  • Kristin

    Thy cannot resist a cute notebook!

  • People who do not get excited by pens and notebooks are not my people. They are just cold. Sarah x

  • Janna Bartlett

    These are so chic and gorgeous!

    I recently posted about some Korean stationary I found avaliable in the UK. They stock the most lovely ranges!

    Take a peek if you fancy…

  • Hannah Marie

    I love stationary strangely!

  • Harris Cabrera

    Such cute stationery! My mother hasn’t taken my bed out of the room, but it is surrounded by boxes full of Christmas decorations. Makes it a bit difficult to get around 😮

  • B. honeybee

    I think thats a successful shopping trip..!

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  • Louise Bray

    Aw those little post-its look so cute! Maybe I should get some, might motivate me to get off here and actually revise :’) xx


  • Stationary is one of my addictions as well! I was so happy when you said you were doing this post! Now I have to make a run to staples. hahaha. More money out of my wallet! But it is well worth it!

  • Louisa

    I completely get it, I’m a sucker for stationery too! Kind of sad that your old bedroom is being converted though, I’ll be so sad when that happens to mine!

    Louisa’s Notebook

  • Purple Flamingo

    Love this!


  • Kirsty

    It must just be in the blood of a blogger! Me and my best friend who likes to dabble in blogging every now and then LOVE a good bit of stationary! Might have to head down to my local Staples soon!

    Kirsty x

  • love stationary! used to live my life of post it notes haha 🙂

    Belinda | fashioncrossing xo

  • Becky Fearn

    I love stationary, I bought the heart notebook you have and love it!!

    B xx

  • I am so a part of this club! I never feel quite complete without a notebook to lug around with me and make lists in. Thanks for the tip-off!

    Sophie |

  • Natasha

    I think stationery is most peoples guilt pleasure, I can definitely spend a very long time in places like this. xo Natasha

  • Natasha Reilly

    & I thought I was the only one!! xx

  • That looks really nice! My personal word-regurgitation platform of choice are Leuchtturm notebooks…. Ever used any?

    • Ethel Maude

      yes – My gallery stocks Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks. I like the A6 ones as i use different colours for different subjects.

  • MillieMagpie

    I have heard so much about her range at staples and being the stationary lover that I am I will definitely be making time for a staples trip of mine own soon!

  • Tree Mushroom

    Nothing like paper and ink ..

  • I am also a stationary addict!! Always have been from a young age!! I also I have this notepad! And my boyfriend has it in black too!! 😀

    April xx

  • Betty

    I’ve been eyeing this note book up for a while now so I think I definitely need a trip to staples!

  • Oooh I like that notebook. And also the postits. I’m a stationary junkie too and I recently bought this:

    And I can’t wait to start using it!

  • Pippa Jones

    Love a good bit of father daughter bonding!

  • Go Big Or Go Home Honey

    Who doesn’t just love a good’ol pretty notepad?!

  • Roxy John

    Oh wow! I always bypass Staples but I’m gonna have to go look 😀