Starting To Wing It


Something strange has started to happen recently. I’ve begun to pick up an eyeliner and get wingy with it on more than the odd occasion. Before if I had to tick a box to describe my feline flick wearing frequency it would be ‘Once every one or two months’ and now it’s ‘Once a week’ – what’s all that about? 

I’m pinpointing two reasons. Firstly this tutorial by Lisa Eldridge. She makes a winged liner look so darn chic and effortless. If my makeup could look like this everyday I’d be one happy bunny. Secondly I think it’s because I’ve finally found a trick that works for me. I look directly into a mirror in front of me, pop a little dot where I’d like the line to end and work the pigment across from there. It sounds ridiculously simple and it is, though I wouldn’t say my technique isn’t perfect and I often end up using a double digit amount of cotton buds to even things out. I tend to wear it with a smudge of MAC’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork underneath and use the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen to do the deed. The latter might go down in the books as the world’s most expensive eyeliner, but it’s the easiest to use and most foolproof I’ve found.

I’ve got so cocky with this method that I even used it the other day when I had just five minutes to get out the door or else I’d miss my train to London. So sometimes I do spend the day wearing one flick that points upwards and the other down. My bad.