Sponge + Setting Spray = Non-Moving Makeup

Say hello to ‘Beauty Hacks’ week here on VDM. Seven days crammed with posts and videos filled to the brim with makeup shortcuts, products that make our regimes that little bit more streamlined and tips that will have you nodding along and thinking ‘genius’. Ok, maybe not the last one… 

Today I have a little tip up my sleeve for you and it’s one that I’ve been deploying for the past few months but have saved up to share with you on this very special week. Oh sneaky. Let’s talk setting sprays. Though in theory they are right up my street, depositing a spritz of makeup adhesive that sets everything – base, eyes, cheeks, lips, the lot – into place without a hint of powder in sight. Just a transparent layer that sits there quietly keeping it all together. The only problem? I never find them to be such a light mist, but instead an abrupt shot of liquid that tends to find itself directly in my eye, ear and any other facial crevices. On times when the spray releases in a finer fashion, like Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray, I still suffer with a reflex reaction that means I jerk immediately back and the product ends up more on my clothing than anywhere else. You get it – it never ends well.

But that’s where a cosmetics sponge comes in. I’d been adding the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge into my daily rotation in recent times anyway as a blender-outer. Something to bop over my face post-foundation and concealer just to make sure it’s all worked in well. One day things had got a little heavy in the base department so I dampened the sponge with few pumps of setting spray and what occurred next was a rare moment of makeup magic. Not only did this duo de-cake, it set, freshened and made the whole thing look just the right amount of dewy. Of course your individual result is based on the formula of setting spray you use; Urban Decay has got all desires covered with bottles for longevity, matteness and hydration (all available in dinky travel size bottles too – cute).

Ever since that fateful morning, it’s a trick I bring in daily. No more setting-spray-in-eye emergency eye bath situations every time I want to call in a long-lasting base. Win.

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