Just Add Tan

Say hello to ‘Beauty Hacks’ week here on VDM. Seven days crammed with posts and videos filled to the brim with makeup shortcuts, products that make our regimes that little bit more streamlined and tips that will have you nodding along and thinking ‘genius’. Ok, maybe not the last one… 

Fake tanning is the holder of many questions in the beauty world. Will I resemble one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompas after a single application? Will I have to sport my tanning mishaps with pride for days as they are unable to be removed? Will it make me smell of biscuit crusted chicken? Yes, with the wrong product in hand all of the aforementioned could be true. But after suffering with the above many, many times and being a pretty avid tanner since my early teenage years I think I’ve come out the other end and now have a pretty good arsenal of faux glowers in my drawers that could persuade even the most wariest of tanners over to the sun-kissed side.

My latest addition demystifies facial tanning for all. I think body-wise everyone gets the routine by now – exfoliate, moisturise dry spots and tan (always with a mitt) – but when it comes to the face we’re all a bit of confused at what step we should use it, can it be applied over oils, how often? Ah gawd, so many questions. Enter Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, a.k.a) just add tan.

I’ve got a lot of love for Clarins tanning products already – hello fourth bottle of Liquid Bronze – but where the Golden Glow Booster differs is that it’s a concentrated treatment designed to be added to your normal day or night moisturiser. No more ‘when should I apply it?’ queries, just whenever you’d apply moisturiser, mix in a drop or three apply and repeat daily until you reach your desired level of ‘I’ve just been on holiday – lies‘ look. It seriously could not be easier. No funky whiffs, no orange-ness, just a subtle colour that I tend to mix in with my moisturiser every other night.

Your one stop tanning hack, sorted.

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