SPFs: Five Ones That Rock


When it comes to facial SPF’s I really do think that the days of oily, thick, white-tinted lotions that left you feeling like you’d smothered your face in Sunflower Oil are a thing of the past. Every year, more and more formulas come to market that you wouldn’t even know were packed to the rafters with the stuff. They feel just like your everyday moisturiser but with a punch of protection and just give you that piece of mind incase you do end up sitting on the side of the bus where the sun is beating down on you (‘ahhhh so that’s why no-one is sitting here’ – been there done that). The things is, these formulas are all pretty similar – invisible feeling, light on the skin and easily absorbed – let’s see if I can distinguish between my five current favourites with a bit of help from…

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Extra Light Fluid in SPF 50 – £16.50 from Look Fantastic. Not only being the most budget friendly of them all, it’s also the one with the most matte formula, making this the stuff that I recommend to all my guy mates. It’s a watery liquid that you shake up, dispense out and after application it does dry down to an extremely natural finish. It’s unfragranced too making it a good option for those with sensitive complexions.

Estee Lauder DayWear Advanced Multi-Proetction SPF 50 – £34 from FeelUnique. This is what I’m using currently and loving. I’m having a real Estée Lauder moment actually. It feels hydrating on the skin, but not greasy and isn’t as silky feeling as others, so perhaps one for normal to dry skins to give a go. It also smells like melon-y summer goodness which is another reason why this is currently living on my skincare shelf.

Clarins UV Plus Day Screen Multi-Protection SPF 50 – £32 from John Lewis. I first used this when it came out years ago and it’s still a formula that I always keep hanging around (though not for too long because most SPF’s have a shelf life of a year). To me this is the most primer-feeling of the five, so if you like something that’s smoothing then this is one to add to your ‘to research’ list. It’s the dinkiest as well which makes it a great one for travel.

Darphin Soleil Plaisir Sun Protective Cream for Face SPF 50 – £29 from Escentual. I’d say this the most ‘typical’ SPF of the five. It’s slightly thicker and has that classic scent, but I ain’t complaining because I love that smell #Memories. Don’t be fooled though because it still blends in beautifully and there’s no white-cast. I reckon I’d crack this out as a beach day SPF for when I’m going bare-faced and CBA’ed for makeup.

Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence SPF 50 PA+++ – £31 from Space NK. I LOVE THIS STUFF. It’s like a really, really lovely moisturiser that hydrates in the gentlest of ways, leaves the skin looking nice and healthy and has SPF 50. No grease, but no matte texture either, it just looks like your skin does naturally. I’d pitch this as a people pleaser for all skintypes. What’s not to love?

So what SPF’s are you slapping on this summer? I’ll add ’em to my list for next year.

UPDATE: I wrote this post a while back and since Caroline has posted this AMAZING post on SPF. Go have a read! I’ve done a bit of Googling on the ingredients of the above and the Kiehl’s and Clarins are physical sunscreens (both contain Titanium Dioxide), I couldn’t find an ingredients lists for the Darphin – MADNESS – and the La Roche Posay and Estee Lauder are chemical.