Snow Day Skincare

Unless you’ve been living under a well placed rock for the past few days then you would have heard that we’ve been snowed under in the UK, which fills us as a nation with equal measures of dread and excitement. I’ve been going down the excitement route and for the last three days have been exchanging hourly pictures of the outside view with my Dad documenting the snowfall, cause we’re cool like that. And yesterday while snowman rolling activities flurried round me, I whacked out my camera and snapped happily away at my snow day skincare saviours; the combination of which has kept my skin looking somewhat buff and bouncy in the rock-hard ice-age conditions (well it’s currently -1ËšC, but we love to exaggerate a little)…

In the presence of the cold snap I’m sticking to my usual cleansing and toning guns and injecting hydration into the proceeding parts of my routine. First I massage in a pea-sized squirt of Hydraluron, which works as almost as a glue-like serum, keeping whatever I apply next close. I follow this up with Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil*, a heavy-duty but not heavy-feeling oil which gets dredged up each winter. Finally I seal it all in with a hefty dose of Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvinating Moisturiser*. Simple – serum, oil, moisturiser; It’s a ‘skincare sandwich’ if you will, each layer adhering to the next and trapping in the moisture. The same trio can be slapped on in the evening too. Although I tend to go a wee bit heavier handed to ramp up the moisture drip-feed onto the heavenly hydrated setting. An additional extra, mostly used in the lipcare arena is Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream which gets swapped into the bag in exchange for By Terry Baume de Rose taking some time out on the sidelines when cooler conditioners arise. This is partially due to pricing issues – I feel much less guilty slathering the Elizabeth Arden on miscellaneous rough patches and lips alike – and also due to the fact I can apply it in a cack-handed fashion straight from the tube, thus negating the need for glove removal.

Skincare sandwich applied and dry areas seen to, I think it’s time to wrap on a multitude of layers again and this time attempt a snowdog. Who’s with me?

*PR Samples


  • Mesmerize

    Hey Anna
    Is the hydraluron serum available anywhere else than Boots? 
    They don´t ship to Denmark, where I´m from.

    • Oh I’m afraid I’m not sure – perhaps worth getting in touch with the makers and seeing where it’s stocked? :) 

  • Beautiful dreams- Carys

    the serum sounds amazing ! Iv never seen something like that before 🙂

    Beautiful Dreams

    • It’s fab – feels a little tacky on application but anything you put on after it sinks in beautifully :) 

  • chloe_j_may

    Dying to give the Make a Difference Moisturiser and Hydraluron a go – they sound like a wonder product for yucky winter skin!! x

    • It’s a winning combo :) 

  • Darshwaghela

    Im also doing a ‘club’ hydration sandwich – but instead of the Clarins lotus oil, I have been using the new Clarins Double serum which I picked up in Hong Kong and its soon to be released in the UK. It is a-maz-ing! It has a super hydration part and a oil part which seem to work magic to dull parched skin. I would defo recommend this – grab it as soon as you can! I saw a difference in my ski texture and tone within a couple of days of using it!

    • Oooo it’s actually at home waiting for me – can’t wait to give it a go :) 

  • I love this, perfectly nice and simple.  No need for fussy extra steps when there’s snow to be played with! x

    • Haha so true ;) 

  • EdinburghEtiquette

    I’m going to start doing this! I’ve been wanting to try the Clarins Lotus Oil for a long time now so this weather is a great excuse to get it too 🙂

    • It’s so nice and it’ll last you forever too – I’ve had my bottle for well over a year! :) 

  • I wish you would still do more actual blog post like this instead of just posting your videos! 🙂 I already follow you on YT, so on the blog I like to see different content.

    • I post content daily 🙂 There’s something new here (not video related) everyday! 

  • BeingRaquel

    It’s 11ºC here in Portugal and we ALL say it’s freezing 😉 I wish we had like a week of snow, though, just for the fun 😉 xx

    • Haha that’s warm for us! :) 

  • Maddy Cane

    I need some really moisturising serums for my face, do you have any suggestions? xxx

    • The Hydraluron is most hydrating one I’ve tried :) 

      • Maddy Cane

        Thanks! xxx

  • Nicole

    Every time you talk about By Terry Baume de Rose I consider buying it but I just can’t justify that price! But, maybe i’ll try the EA 8 Hour Cream. Great post. Enjoy the snow!

    • Haha – the 8 hour is more versatile and I’ve had that tube for YEARS!! They last ages :) 

  • Hearts&Crosses

    Really want to try the  Hydraluron!

    • It’s wicked! 🙂

  • Love the idea of a skincare sandwich! It’s so annoying because lately I’ve been using the Liquid Gold to clear up my skin but their advice is to not apply moisturizer after. But my skin needs the moisture so I’ll just have to bend the rules a little.

    • Ah I’ve been skipping the Alpha H more too – just need some moisturiser every now and again ;) 

  • reem

    I really want to try the Hydraluron! love the post though and will defo try some of the products out 🙂 thanks xxx

    • Glad you like it hun! :) 

  • We were 2ºF most of last week in Colorado which translates to about -16ºC! I’m probably going to pick up all the products you mentioned because my face is in need of some heavy duty moisture. Great post!

    • Oh my gawd!!!! How cold – stay safe :) 

  • hydraluron and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream are my winter saviours too! In need of a new moisturiser but so worried about spending money on something that doesn’t work. The Origins moisturiser sounds like a winner though, may need to make a trip there! 

    • Origins are pretty fab with samples, if you can find your way to a counter they’ll be more than happy to send you home with some testers :) 

  • Hydraluron has been a life saver for me recently! Snow is due to hit NY so may be trying this sandwich, I’ll be swapping in Jose Maren Argan Oil, another wonder product to me too! C x

    • Bri

      May I ask where you got your hydraluron in the US. I can’t find it:( thanks!!

    • Oh yes I have the Josie Maran too – fab multi-tasker :) 

  • I’ve been eyeing Hydraluron for a bit now… glad to hear it works!

    <3 Rubiiee

    • It’s really nice – sticks to oils so well!! :) 

  • katherine.parkes

    off to purchase the Clarins lotus oil tomorrow, you’ve convinced me! x

    • If you need anymore convincing, I’ve had that bottle for well over a year and it’s not even half gone ;) 

  • Bri

    Anybody where to get Hydraluron in the US? Or a site that ships worldwide? Thanks so much!!!!

    • Sorry hun, I’m not sure, perhaps it’s worth checking out their website and getting in touch? :) 

  • Ahrum Kim

    Just got the Hydraluron on eBay. Can’t wait to use it! I wish it was more readily available in the US. I’m so curious about the Origins cream now! I’ll have to take a look. 

    • Ah yes Origins moisturisers are fab and the Make A Difference one is nice when you need to ramp up the moisture :) 

  • Addison Cain

    Hyaluronic acid is a dream on my skin in the winter.  My Clarisonic Mia has also been great at keeping away the nasty dry patches.

    • Nice combo! :) 

  • Really nice skincare kit .I got to know from the article that How hyaluronic acid can be helpful for me in winters .Its really informative article for me

    • Glad you liked it :) 

  • Pippa Jones

    Love love love Elizabeth arden product and that one looks like something i need to try.

    Pipp xx

  • Belle

    Love this I have to stay moisturised in this weather :p

  • themakeupfile

    Love the Clarins Oil. I like to think of it has a god send. Hehehe.