Smudged-On Lips

You know I’m not opposed to a bold lip lately. But on a day-to-day basis the pitfalls of sporting a brash lipstick still lead to me wearing them less than I’d like to. The dreaded outer-line that’s left after devouring a plateful pizza (a frequent occurrence), bleeding, hair-steaked lines across the face on a windy day and of course the whole lippie on the teeth thing. When I’m calculating this little beauty formula each morning at my dresser more often than not I end up reaching for a clear nude. Gawd I’m just too experimental for my own good sometimes. But I’ve found a balance to this lippie equation that results in a flush of low-maintance colour without the outlined above catches. Let me present the non-groundbreaking, painfully simple ‘Smudged-On Lip’ technique…

The ‘Smudged-On’ lip does exactly what it says on the tin. Take the bullet to your finger, get some colour on your pinkie, then proceed to work into the lips. No need to worry about lining, evenness or being precise, this is all about the lazy lip look – the smudgier the better. Give it a quick blot and you’re done – a hint of colour without all the associated bold lip bothers. My top three picks for this method? Rimmel’s Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107* blends out to a wintery flattering wine hue and its matte texture lends itself to longstanding colour. For a no-fuss red Revlon’s classic Fire and Ice* delivers a kick-ass pop. Purple tones can be a bit of a toughie to pull off, but lightly applied they become a whole lot more enticing; MAC’s Rebel Lipstick is my favourite favourite berry.

So blot on the colour, leave the need for touching up at the door and rock the bold tints with a smudged-on lip. And you chow down on that pizza without a care in the world, girl.

*PR Sample


  • Gillian

    Great idea! You’re right bright lips aren’t always the most practical thing for everyday!

    Gillian x

  • Hannah

    Love this idea. I’m always worried about wearing a bold lip as it’s not something I’m used to… but this could be a good starting point! x

    • Hope it comes in handy for you! :) 

    • Thanks :) 

  • Thank you for this tip!

    • No worries :) 

  • Sheilaoriordan75

    Wear a matching shade of liner all over your lips under the lippie means that as it wears off you still have even colour on your lips rather than an outer ring. I am a bright lip veteran lol x

    • Thanks for the tip!

  • I have MAC rebel and definitely find patting it on makes it more wearable day-to-day. Will have to try with my Rimmel Kate Moss 107 too!


    • It’s a stunner ;) 

  • gleepface

    Fab idea, I suffer from the ‘hair streaked lines across the face’ all too often!

    • Pippa Jones

      Ditto! Too nice not to wear! But so much hasstle in the wind!

    • I hate the wind, lol!

      • gleepface

        My boyfriend always finds my inability to survive in the wind absolutely hilarious. I can’t breath if I’m facing into the wind, and I hate what it does to my hair!

  • Megan

    Definitely going to try this so I can start wearing bright colours more often x

    • Brilliant – let me know how you get on :) 

  • LIKE this, definitely. 
    Ps. thought I was the only one that suffered from hair streaks 😀 ahaha

    • Nope me too ;) 

  • makeupaddict-xo

    Great tip, will definitely try this! Thanks for sharing! x

    • No worries hun :) 

  • Oooh, am gonna do NOW. 🙂

  • Maddy Cane

    I do this sometimes and love the look that it creates! xxx

    • Fab to hear! :) 

  • such a great tip! fire & ice is one of my favorite lipsticks of all time!

    • It’s a stunner isn’t it!

  • Katie Hello

    I nearly always do this whenever I feel the need for a bit of colour on my lips. Perfect pouts are well and good for the red carpet, but as you’ve said, just don’t work day to day! 
    Beautiful post as usual Anna. Katie xx

    • Thanks hun :) 

  • Great Idea, I’ll have to try this. Thanks for the post

    • No worries hun :) 

  • I knew there was a trick I was missing!  I’m usually so fond of bold lips, but can’t be fussed with actually wearing them out (because of the laundry list of reasons you so concisely provided).  I’ve been trying to wear my berry colors for weeks now, but end up wiping them off right before I leave the house.  I shall get to smudging immediately! xx

    • Haha fab! Let me know how you get on :) 

  • katherine.parkes

    definitely want to try MAC Rebel.. always been scared but if you love it as a stain too, I’m convinced! x

    • It’s a nice introduction to Berry if you haven’t worn it before! :) 

  • Millie

    I’m going to have to try this out! I love the MAC shade!! 🙂 ♥

  • Rosemariee

    Love this idea! I bought the the Kate Moss lipstick and it’s just been sat there on my counter top as I’m too scared to wear it, I’ll definitely try this tomorrow! If I get the hang of this I think I’ll be adding MAC Rebel to collection as well! 

    Rosie 🙂 xx

  • Denise Yin

    i use this technique all the time… its a really great alternative for the day!

  • Carmen Lai

    I usually wear Rebel smudged, makes it more of a wearable every day colour on me 🙂

  • Claudia

    Gorgeous colours! Love the look of Revlon’s Fire & Ice, it looks so pretty Great idea to smudge it in. xx