River Island Leather Look Trousers

I reckon it’s been about two years since I started my search for the perfect pair of leather look trousers. It started off with a pair of matte look leggings from American Apparel; but they were a little too tight and scratched easily. Then I moved on to some coated jeans from All Saints, the Petrel Brodie design I seem to remember. They were nice, I still sport them from time to time though they can look a tad too shiny and the low-rise back gave me an attack of the builder’s bum every time I sat down. Not so great. I even considered actual leather trousers at one point before slapping myself round the face and posing the question of ‘just who makes the perfect pair of leather look trousers?’ to Twitter. You guys answered back with an almost unanimous vote of River Island. So off my tips trotted and a with a with a scroll and a click the River Island Black Leather Look Skinny Trousers were mine.

And boy am I impressed. They fit well, sitting tight around the ankle and not too tight around the tummy (FYI – I picked them up in my normal size and a regular length leg, though I probably could have done with the long), they don’t get baggy around the knees too quickly (in the above picture they were probably due a wash to de-bag them), wash well and look convincing. And all for a reasonably priced £35. These along with a some kind of knit, my ZARA navy coat and Ash boots has been my uniform for the past month or so. Chic them up with a fancy tee and kitten heels for the evening and you’re on to a winner there. I reckon I’ll even be able to scoff down my Christmas Dinner in them too – they are that comfortable – and that makes a leather-look trouser lovin’ foodie very happy.

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