Perfume Pairings

Sometimes a beauty ritual will slip into my routine so seamlessly I sort of forget what I used to do before I found that perfect step and neglect to post a public service announcement regarding said product/s up on the blog. Enter an exemplary example: my current perfume pairings. I’ve been so stuck in a scent rut with this three sprtizings, I’m not sure any another fragrances have even had a look-in since the beginning of the year. And that’s a bit unheard of from a self-professed product ‘ho *ahem* like myself. Here’s what I have been combo-ing up on my pressure points and creating a beautiful smelling micro atmosphere with each morning…

A the centre of each mist cloud is a hefty spray (or five), of Escentric Molecule, Molecule 01. The cult classic, your ‘natural scent, but better’ woody musk which supposedly has people stopping you in the street as it’s just so darn good. Now I haven’t been halted in my tracks in public, but a guy in the Post Office did compliment my perfume choice when I was sporting this the other day (finally – it’s only taken eight months of daily use and wafting myself in peoples way). On it’s own it dissipates into a barely there note that only others can pick up on, so I like to add a subtle dash of freshness or floral to create my own concoction. For a subtle, more greeny end result I layer with Diptyque Philosykos, a fig favourite with a hint of warm milky vanilla that pairs nicely with the woody undertones of Molecule. Fresh and sorta manly, I like it. If I fancy sometime a little more girly, then I add sprays of Stella McCartney’s original STELLA, which is the only floral scent in my stash that’s still in regular rotation. A hit of rose and amber that brightens the darker notes of its pairer and ramps up the sweetness without heading into sickly territory.

There you have it; the ingredients for more subtle and sexy or feminine and floral offerings all centred around the marmite product that is Escentric Molecule, Molecule 01. For referance: I love Molecule, hate Marmite.