Pack Me With: The Beach Holiday Edition

Sun, sea and sangria…


When it comes to packing, I used it be on it. I remember when I had pretty much packed up my whole room, ready to leave for University about a month before I was due to go. You know me, I like to be organised. These days though I hate having to retrieve already-packed items and so leave packing till either the morning of or the day before. I know, it completely goes against all my other Virgo-isms, but having to pack and re-pack my Wet Brush 17 times puts me right off. I also put it down to my Holiday Packing PDF that gives me a little tick-list to check off as I go and after months of tweaks I can pretty much guarantee that if I follow it, I have everything I need. Even Mark asks for a copy each time we travel and scratches his head at the long list of toiletries I include (Facial spritzes? Fake tan? Bath Oils?!).

Packing PDF pimping aside I found myself with less than 24 hours to pack for this trip and so I thought why not add an extra level of stress to the whole situation and film it? A ‘Packing Under Pressure Guide‘ if you will. I broke it down into five steps, managed not to cry and didn’t leave anything behind. I even remembered to pack a spare pair of pants in my hand luggage (as someone whose luggage has not made it to the other end before I can’t tell you how good a fresh pair of knickers feels in that situation, ahhhhh).


Another thing that I gave a go this time was the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 packing method. I first saw it on Pinterest and found this post to be extremely helpful. It’s a streamlined way of packing that makes the editing of your wardrobe part pretty simple as not that much actually makes it into your suitcase. I improvised a bit as I like to have a fresh outfit to travel there in and then return in, but I stuck to the main principles. I’ll drop you an update when I’m back from holiday, but I’m hopeful that I’ve stumbled across a genius holiday capsule wardrobe method that will make the whole processes snappier. Doesn’t Pinterest just make you feel like a boss sometimes?

In the meantime, have a watch of below and see me try and keep it together whilst sweating profusely and panicking that I haven’t got enough time to sort out my bikini line before we leave…

Photos by Lauren Shipley