All Black, With A Side Of Frill

Austin Powers eat your heart out…


I’ll pop up a capsule wardrobe update next week, but the long and short of it is that I’m still in love with the idea, but after a year of putting it into practice I’m ready to be a bit more lax with the rules, but I just haven’t worked out to what degree yet. I’ve yet to do any clearouts (although I’m itching to and it’s first on my list of things to do when I’m back from holiday – WILD) and aside from a small summer haul to gather some bits for travelling abroad, I’ve made just a handful of purchases to get me ready for autumn.


Probably my favourite thing that I’ve picked up is this ZARA Long Sleeve Frilly Blouse. I actually panic purchased it for a YouTube event to wear with jeans, then at the last minute found out it was a red carpet do so had to scrap the idea and crack out my ‘Wedding Guest Jumpsuit’ (a.k.a this Whistles number). You know I love a bit of a monochrome, but this is monochrome with a twist. A point of interest that makes it a bit different and adds some detail that makes it one of those ‘day to night’ pieces. Two things to bear in mind though: it creases like bitch and it makes you feel like Austin Powers. The latter I’m down with, the former not so much. I seem to have an uncanny ability to pick out the one item in the whole shop that doesn’t get on with an iron. I seem to constantly look like I’m living out of a suitcase and the hotel iron is pants. That’s how I’d define my style right now. ‘Creased chic‘ is a thing, right?


One category that I have been expanding into though, is accessories. I was never much into the bells and whistles of an outfit before; but a belt here, a patterned pair of sunglasses there, a nice bag *slaps wrist (again)* can jazz things up. Here I’ve paired my Austin Powers get-up with my Acne Skin 5 Jeans, Selected Femme Espadrilles, Dick Moby CPT Sunglasses in the White Havana colorway, & Other Stories Belt and a Saint Laurent Monogramme Sac Université. It’s my go-to uniform of the moment. Meetings? Sorted. A quick trip into town? Done. Off to eat the world’s biggest burrito? Sure, undo a button and it’s all cool.

Ah yes, the bag. I’m calling it a birthday present to myself, but basically I’ve been a real knobhead and I’m slapping myself on the wrist for getting sucked into the designer bag world again. A ridiculous purchase, yes, but it’s a practical one. A thick strapped satchel, this is a good day bag for when I actually need to carry a fair amount of stuff round. It’s a grained leather so hasn’t scratched (yet) and any foundation handprints can be wiped away easily (phew – I’m sweating just at the thought). It’s the perfect finishing touch to my ‘Creased Chic’ weekend uniform.

Photos by Mark/Edited by Lauren Shipley