OOTD: All Saints Petrel Brodie Jeans

Ever since my last haul video I’ve been meaning to crack out my All Saints Petrel Brodie Jeans and take a few snaps for you guys. The occasion arrived this weekend when the boyfriend came to stay. Up we trekked to the wreck and after a sneaky shoe change (flats to heels, fair enough), away I posed.

Are you ready for an ode to my new jeans? I’m a massive black jean fan, it’s all I really wear; black jeans and a blouse, black jeans and a casual tee, black jeans and some knitwear, ridiculously easy and simple to wear, but also rather samey. So I’ve been contemplating a new black trouser purchase for a while. At first I fancied the American Apparel Disco Pants, but after seeing them close up in the shop they had a slight glitter to the fabric, which wasn’t very me. Then after seeing these All Saints Jeans on Nicola’s blog, I knew that they were the ones! I got the colour black and ordered them blind just using their sizing chart, which is pretty spot on I’ll tell you. When they arrived they fitted like a glove, were the perfect length (I’m 5 ft 7), and hugged the bottom beautifully. They are a high shine coated black denim, so have the shininess of the Disco Pants but in a thicker jean-like material. I love! For this outfit I paired them with a H&M jumper, Zara Bag, Topshop Allegra Boots, Primark Sunnies and my Michael Kors MK5310 watch.

Now the All Saints Petrel Brodie Jeans are pricey at £85, but they are a bit of a luxury item that I will get a lot of wear out of. They look great in a casual outfit like this, but I think they would look great wih a floaty top for a night out too.You can get them from All Saints in store or online here. You like?


  • ThePolishBabe

    soooo so gorgeous !

  • Dollyboo101

    I love these, they look great! I had a look at them in store and I was all set to buy them but they didn’t look particularly comfortable! What are they like for an 8 hour day and sitting down?! Also, what size did you get if you don’t me asking? I’m similar in size (and height!) to you and after a long day shoppping in London I didn’t have the enegy to try them on! x

  • Anonymous

    wow these look hot!  I have a similar pair from Zara and just love them – def great for dressing up or down. I like them with a loose top, little fitted blazer & heels for evening. 

    Nic x 

  • Love the bag, and you look fantastic in the glasses picture!

  • Emilia

    They really are super nice! Perfect for both day time and night time! And I love the bag too 🙂

  • I WISH I LOOKED THIS GOOD! you look stunning x

  • Jeni

    Hey there ‘Miss Legs That Go On Forever’. You look seriously amazing in these

  • they seriously suit you! i thought they were gonna be awful when i saw them on your video but they’re actually really nice! 

  • jane

    Yay for more outfit posts 🙂 Those pants are soooo flattering on your legs. I love the way you paired all black leather/shiny fabric with the more natural texture of the sweater. I’m inspired 🙂

  • Alice

    Love itt!! x

  • Jessica Rix

    You have such good legs! Serious body envy you look amazing (:

  • You look amaaazing!

  • Sarah S.


  • Line

    You’re gorgeous, and I literally die for those jeans!! 🙂 x

  • Love the outfit, and your hair looks amazing!!! So gorg! 

  • These look amazing !

  • Anonymous

    I like very much. You look lovely! And I’m a sucker for anything All Saints. They just have this vibe… haha x

  • I Love!  I so wish I could pull these off!! lm totally getting into the black jean thing at the mo! Your hair looks amazing, im so louse! lol Its making me miss my brown locks 😉

    Hayley xo

    •  *Jealous …what the hell is louse lol xo

  • Amy Treasure

    I would LOVE to look like that in a pair of jeans 🙁 More ‘thinspiration’ for me then . I better get my ass down the gym lm(fat)ao! Seriously you look hot, £85 reasonable as you will get loads of wear from them xx

  • Beth Bradley

    I love your bag, it’s gorgeous! You look stunning here Anna! X

  • You look amazing and the pants look fab. x

  • perfect outfit!!

    love everything about it!! 

  • Shenley Gallimore

    You look amazing and i want them jeans so much right now!!! need to start saving… 
    Your hair is so beautiful too by the way!

  • Emma

    You look awesome. Everyone has the disco pants, wish I’d saved the moolar for these gems. xo

  • leetal tusia

    you’re so tall and thin! lucky you!  love your effortless look… seriously awesome. been dying to get some leather pants like that but they won’t work with my body type

  • Maggie Ryan

    I love your hair and jeans, you look stunning!!!!

  • The jumper looks so good with them! :)x 

  • Anonymous

    Love the look really into black jeans too I just got some leatherish ones from Zara recently, they have some awesome stuff in at the min!  

  • Hope Riley

    you look absolutely gorgeous! i’m the same, i live in black jeans x

  • Victoria_street

    What blush you wearing here doll?.. x

  • Babe, your legs are to die for!!! 🙂 Loving the whole outfit xx

  • lolafayetargett

    you look absolutely amazing! love love LOVEE the jeans xx

  • Kathryn

    You look amazing! I have disco pants, but I want these now! xx

  • IN LOVE with your bag! The leather-look pants are cool too, but I need that bag.

  • rhen

    I haven’t tried wearin leather pants..I really admire people who does ^_^. Check out my Dress for Less post here:

  • You look absolutely stunning, my favorite outfit so far!! 🙂

  • Jemimaandted

    you are lush, nuff said 😉 x

  • LOVE this outfit! I was skeptical about those jeans but they look fab on you!! xx 

  • Jennifer Horsburgh

    wowsa! look at those legs! 🙂 fabulous OOTD honey!

  • Tor

    I love this outfit… it’s my favourite of yours for ages! You look amazing  🙂
    Tor @ That’s Peachy fashion blog xx

  • You have THE most perfect legs ever!! Do you do anything to keep them in shape? xxx

    • Thanks hun! Not really, just eat a lot of dominoes lol! x

  • Gavina D

    I have to admit I didn’t like them when I saw it in your haul but WOW, I love how you’ve styled them. I think they look so much better than the disco pants.

  • Anna you are a smexy biatch!xxx

  • Clay

    They are amazing ! I’m looking for a similar pair, might have to find a more affordable version though ! xx

  • Elvirasbeauty

    Your figure is gorgeous! Love the trousers!

  • Alexia

    C’est très joli !

  • Alexandra Beamish

    You just have the perfect figure, all the clothes you wear look stunning on you! Not everybody can wear pleather pants so perfectly haha xx