How I Use The BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector

I think BECCA products are something that feature heavily on our ‘wishlists’, but a lot of us neglect to buy as they are not widely stocked in the UK. The BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector has been something sitting on my list for a while, but I had never been anywhere that sells it. So when I stumbled across Fenwicks the other day by chance, in I marched to purchase this cult illuminator. I have to say the lady on the counter was a babe, she was even supposed to be on her dinner break, but was serving me instead! I did my classic point and buy – ‘that please’ – and off I trundled with my purchase.

The BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector is a water-based moisturiser with light-diffusing particles that help to give instant radiance to the skin, whilst reducing imperfections. Available in 3 shades, I picked up ‘Pearl’, the white formula with flecks of gold running through it, but it’s also available in a pinky and a bronze shade. The only way I can describe this is as a skincare/makeup/highlighting hybrid; it contains SPF 25 and soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients, helps to even out your skintone and illuminate. Think Benefit High Beam, but with a much more refined shimmer and skincare properties.

I think there is always a bit if a worry for oily skinned gals that a product like this will never work for them, but I have combination skin and I’ve found a trick! This highlighter is pretty multi-functional; you can apply it as you would a moisturiser, mix it with foundation or apply it over your makeup where you fancy a touch of shimmer. I’ve found for me it works best using it as a mosturiser, but applying it only to areas that I would welcome a bit of shine, like the cheek bones, temples and down the centre of the nose. Half a pump, applied with my fingers does the job. I then use my foundation over the top and the effect is a dewy complexion, with a touch of extra shine in the areas where I applied the BECCA. It doesn’t make my skin feel or look greasy and doesn’t affect the longevity of my foundation, all around a thumbs up! I can’t wait to use this in the summer, it would look great mixed in with a tinted moisturiser for that holiday glow.

I got this from Fenwicks, but BECCA products are also stocked on quite a few online stores, check out their stockist page for more info. The BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector set me back £33, but you do get a pretty generous 50ml of product and as I’m only using half a pump a day, it ain’t going to run out anytime soon. But before you throw on your comfy shoes to run to Fenwicks, wait! As I think I may have found a good dupe for this which is a third of the price, it’s still in the early stages of reviewing but I will report back soon! Ooo mysterious…


  • Poppilicious83

    Oooo indeed! Can’t wait to find out what the dupe is! I recently got the Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radience Creme and I’ve been loving it, but I have heard that this BECCA one is really nice as well. You’ll have to do a FOTD with it for us to see 🙂

  • I really want this tbh but i have no idea where to get it from lol 😛 i tried some of the stockist but couldnt find it xx

  • Joanna Rance

    i love using the l’oreal lumi magique base!:) sometimes i mix that with my foundation, but it does make a lovely illuminating primer, really gives your skin a gorgeous glow! i love your youtube and your blog!xx

  • this sounds great !!!

    thanks for the review 🙂 

  • It also looks really pretty just applied on your collarbone, especially if you have a tan. x

  • Smokeyeyesmua

    This sounds gorgeous I want it now!

  • sara.ledinek

    the best purchase I made in years…when I bought this skin perfector! 🙂

  • Guest 72

    This sounds great! I’m a little naive in asking; how do you actually use moisturiser? xxx

  • helen.betts

    This sounds so good! I’m obsessed with highlighters so i’ll be looking into buying this one.

  • Beautifully Ever After

    I find Soap and Glory’s Hocus Focus a great dupe for this product!xxx

  • Marissa Roberts

    I’m excited! Can’t wait to see the dupe! I’m trying to chill out on the expensive cosmetic purchases at the moment but I can’t see to stop! xoxo 

  • jane

    Thanks Anna this post is really useful to me! I’ve had the Becca skin perfector for a few months now and it has been languishing in the back of my makeup drawer because I couldn’t figure out a way to use it. I found if I mixed it in with my foundation it was too glittery and if I put it overtop as a highlighter it would rub my foundation off. I’ll try your method and hopefully get some use out of it 🙂

  • This is at the top of my wishlist – I think everything Becca is just gorgeous, and I hope this will be my perfect highlighter. I’ll just need to save up for quite a while:)

  • La beauté obsession

    I’ve bought the Becca Skin Perfector a few months ago!  I love it; it’s expensive but it’s nice to splurge sometimes!

  • Line

    This is gorgeous, jemma kidd also makes a nice skin perfector 🙂 x

  • jess.french

    This sounds like a wonderful product!

    Jess x

  • Dupe dupe! Haha, I can’t wait to find out. To be honest though, I don’t think £33 is really that bad as long as you use it sparingly. I’m forever on the quest for the perfect naturally healthy dewy look x 

  • I never tried this producto but I love Becca cosmetics products so must be amazing! thanks for sharing!

  • ana

    It’s quite embarassing to say that i’ve never heard about this brand, let alone the product.  So far it sounds great and a beauty must have! I look forward to reading your final report about it haha 🙂


  • Rachel

    i cant wait to see your dupe of this!! I just cant spend £33 on this I would never want to use it!!! 
    love your blog btw!! 

  • Sarah Herring

    I just have to say, I am loving your new blog set up!!!! It looks amazing, the home page is so unique! I have tagged you in a TAG POST ~ and would love to see you do it and tag other bloggers too! Check out my blog to find the questions and have an amazing day! 

  • Rebecca Carey

    I really want to try this product, it looks amazing. And it seems fate as my names Becca.

  • Charlenedode

    Some of the ingredients in this overly expensive product are pretty gross & just plain nasty.  Is it worth it? Not! First off your getting ripped & if you can’t eat w/ out getting  sick then don’t put it on your skin.  How about getting that beautiful glow naturally w/ exercise, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water & applying a little argan oil once in a while? BTW, the sun DOESN”T cause cancer but all those dermatologists sure want you to think it does. I will never understand why some people are so inept, they will buy into anything if it’s hyped up enough.

  • I’ve got oily skin and have been mixing this in with the Hourglass mineral veil primer. It gives me a dewy glow that doesn’t come off as oily, especially when I use my foundation over it! It’s my go-to mix when I need perfect looking skin!

  • Chouree

    Please share the cheaper alternative:)

  • London Girl

    love the becca shimmering skin perfector