Oops I Did It Again: The Chloé Faye Bag

Hello baked bean diet…


You know when I said in my video all about bags that I’m really chuffed with my current collection and that I don’t think I’ll be adding anything anytime soon? Yeah me too. *Insert Karl Pilkington Bullshit GIF* I think I mentioned at the end of my bag dupe blog post that the Chloé Faye Medium Shoulder Bag was playing on my mind and despite being able to talk myself out of it for a couple of months, two things happened that made me do the deed. Hello baked bean diet.

The first was Kate’s Bag Collection video where I’m pretty sure anyone who watched it swooned along with her as she sung the praises of the Faye and even mentioned that she can fit her laptop in it. WIN. The second was the alleviation of two sticking points I’d always had with this bag. I like my bags to be durable, I want something that’s going to last for donkey’s years and the suede top flap of the original style didn’t really tick of the practical box for me. The other thing was the mixed hardware. The standard version includes a gold chain with a silver clasp. My eagle eye just couldn’t ignore it and I’d conclude that the bag was pretty much perfect, but…‘. Then enter the new Sping/Summer 17 edition that’s straight-up leather – ain’t no suede to be seen here – and features gold-on-gold hardware. Ahhhhh balls… 


So basically it’s all I ever wanted from the Faye bag and seeing as it’s (possibly) a seasonal additional to their line I thought I should act now or forever hold my peace. It’s worth dropping a mention for Lydia’s video here where she mentions how she saves for eye-wateringly, ‘JEEZ that’s more than rent!‘ purchases as my methods are pretty similar. This one certainly required some saving and when I say that there’s no more room at the bag inn, I mean it.

I’ve spotted your comments on its debut Instagram requesting a video and trust me, it’s coming. Instead of an unboxing or first impressions which aren’t exactly the most informing thing when it comes to making a quite frankly mad purchase, I thought I’d try and create something crammed with everything you could ever possibly want to know about buying the Faye. I filmed an unboxing and have taken some clips on its first day out showing you what I managed to fit inside and how I styled it. So in a couple of months time expect a comprehensive review with an unboxing, first impressions, a couple of mini ‘What’s In My Bag’ moments, how I styled it over the seasons and then my final thoughts. Prepare yourself for an hour-long video about a bag. Riveting stuff, eh?


My first thoughts? It’s not as heavy as I thought it would be based on reviews that I’d read. Yes, the leather is beautifully soft, but also calling out for scratches and such – I’ve never researched leather protecting sprays so much. On its first day out, I’ve never had so many compliments on a purchase, but I feel it’s the most ‘fashion-y‘ bag that I’ve ever owned. The interior of it is like a bloody maze I foresee that over time they’ll be a handful of pennies, hairbands and lip balms that you know are in there somewhere, but you just can’t track down. Expect a rather large video heading your way later this year…

Photos by Lauren Shipley