A Postcard From Thailand

Sent by an extremely jet-lagged yours truly


Hello you lovely lot – I’m back! I’m home! I’m back in the vicinity of Domino’s and my bed and life is good. It’s been a long while since I’ve sat and written a post, but I hope you’ve been kept entertained with all the pre-scheduled bumf that has gone live in my absence. I do apologise for any broken links and poor grammar as most of them were written way past my bedtime with one eye open and my hand sleepily tapping away, but we’re back in realtime now and it feels nice to get back into the swing of things (and to be reunited with my dressing gown….and Mark too, obviously).


If you couldn’t already tell by the avalanche of Instagram Stories and pictures and tweets and just about every social media outlet, Koh Samui was beautiful and I had such a ridiculously good time there I grin from ear to ear whenever I think about it. Having never been on an active retreat before I had no idea what to expect, but I can hand on heart say that my 10 days spent out there with New Horizon Escapes were bloomin’ awesome. I’ll pop up a post on Wednesday with more on what they actually entail and what to expect (SPOILER: It’s actually really fun!). It’s also the first time I’ve flown by myself and the furthest that I’ve ever been from home. Again I’m in the middle of writing up a post based on that topic that will go live on Friday. After that I promise never to mention the ‘T’ word ever again. In the meantime though I did do a ‘What I Eat In A Day’ video, Thailand-stylé that went up this morning. Have a scroll to the bottom of this post if you fancy a gander at that…

Along with workouts that made me sweat out of every possible crevice of my body (knees, elbows, ears, wrists – you name it), there was plenty of downtime and during the mornings and afternoons we had free we spent the time exploring the island. The beaches were all beautiful and the sea is like bathwater. I definitely turned into a prune at least four times during the trip. The cafes were an Instagram dream and if you ever find yourself on Koh Samui I highly recommend a trip to Cream Cafe and Fisherman’s House. At the latter we had the best waitress who did a round of applause when she re-read us our order and got it right. What a woman.


The best discovery of the trip though, were Thai Massages. HOLY MOLY. I averaged a massage every three days, but I would have quite happily had more. Of the three that I had; the first was a relaxing number that I fell asleep during, the second slightly more intense complete with stretching and extreme back-cracking and the final one was a ‘Deep Tissue’ experience that made me laugh/cry/almost vomit. I loved them all and have felt a little longer and less like a turtle since I got back.

My current top google search is ‘Thai Massages in Brighton‘ – I’m already looking forward to my next vom-inducing session. In the meantime here’s a ‘WIEAD’ that’s crammed full of pancakes (two rounds, because one just ain’t enough when you’re on holiday), the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had and sweetcorn sweets that taste much better than they sound…

Photos by yours truly and Ina Plesca