New-in Beauty Bits: Show & Swatch


For the past few weeks I’ve slowly had my dressing table taken over by a pile of new-in beauty bits, left out on display on purpose so they’ll actually see daylight and my face and boy has it tested my Virgo-like tidiness powers. But it’s all worked out for today I have a selection of freshly picked products that I’m brining in for a session of show and swatch – like what I did there? To jazz it up (yep I just used to word ‘jazz’), I’m throwing them on my face as I do it, so think of this as a review/tutorial/news-y type hybrid video. What do you think? Want more? Though I’m not sure my inner neat freak can deal with it. Maybe I need to think of a better storing system for next time…

P.S) Some of the above snapped products didn’t make the cut for this video, but have no fear because they’ll be featuring in a whole post of their own very soon.